3 Mistakes I Made Early On While Running my Retail Business

Truth: I’ve made a thousand of mistakes in running my creative retail business, Front Porch Mercantile. But I decided to narrow it down to the three biggest lessons learned to help you, as a creative retailer, not make the SAME MISTAKES.

I see the same struggles with my coaching clients and social media followers. So I offer these mistakes as first-hand experience of what NOT to do. It seems so simple now, looking back. But at the time, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made in my Retail Business

If you prefer to listen, here’s the quick 6-minute recap.

My 3 Biggest Mistakes

  1. I had zero strategic planning. I was just winging it.
  2. I was Wonder Woman trying to do all the things myself, and failing. I had burnout.
  3. I was avoiding the un-fun, hard things. And they piled up. Because I was so busy.

My 3 Biggest Remedies

  1. I started planning promotional calendars, revenue streams, and yearly goals.
  2. I got over myself. I identified where I needed help. I asked for help, I hired help. I started to delegate and hired a business coach,
  3. I had to get a handle on my financials: to learn my financial numbers and really understand what they meant.

If these remedies sound like they could really help you and you are ready for support, you can see how I work with retailers HERE.

The easiest way to work with me is to jump on the waitlist for my monthly group coaching – The Retailer’s Inner Circle, it’s support, education, community and you will find retailers at all levels in there, we open the doors to new members occasionally to those on the list.

Ready to start running your business like a boss? Download my Successful CEO Habits below. 

It’s a list of 10 things you could put into practice to really take control of running your retail store like a real BOSS. Like a CEO of a viable, profitable business.

3 Mistakes I made early on in Retail - Wendy Batten
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You are running a real business. 

You are a retailer and an entrepreneur doing all the hard work. This is not a hobby store and you aren’t just playing arts and crafts. I want to encourage you to continue to follow your passion and be successful. 

If you’re not already part of my free Facebook group: Rockstar Creatives, join us here. Every Tuesday you can ask me questions about running a brick-and-mortar creative shop! I’d love to see you online!

Running a retail business doesn’t have to be so hard, you’ve got this!

Thanks for popping in!



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Hi there! I'm Wendy Batten, and I'm obsessed with helping independent shop owners like you achieve success. With over 20 years of experience as a small business owner, I've owned several retail businesses along the way including a cafe, two retail shops, and a studio (and even a tae kwon do studio), learning first-hand the art of juggling all the balls.

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