How to Start Using Facebook Lives to Promote Your Shop

How to Start Using Facebook Lives to Promote Your Shop

Hi Retailers,

You know I work with creative retailers wanting to promote their retail businesses. They KNOW marketing is important but a major pushback is that many of them are afraid to go live on Facebook. I hear it every day. So I want to help you get past that, because if you can talk to a customer in your store… you can talk to a customer online.

First off, why even bother going live? Why do I coach my store owners to go live? It’s so important because the Facebook algorithm LOVES Facebook Live Video. This means, FB will show your posts to more people. We WANT more eyeballs on our page right? It means more people can see how awesome we are and will come in and buy. 🙂

I have a few Facebook Live tips for creative retailers that are hesitant to make videos and put themselves out there. Facebook Live marketing is free advertising for you. We LOVE free, right?

You will increase your social media engagement with customers and build your Know-Like-Trust factor at the same time. 

You’ve got this! Let me help.

Tip #1

Get over yourself. 🙈This is not rocket science. You CAN duo it. All you need to do is have a plan or outline and push the LIVE button. It doesn’t need to be a long video. If you are just starting out maybe only do a couple of minutes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We all mess up and the first time you do anything it is awkward. I would recommend using a tripod to keep the camera steady, but done is always better than perfect. 

Tip #2

Show the customers something. If you are nervous about being in front of the camera the whole time, give a store tour to showcase the new layout or merchandise. If you have a studio or workspace explain where you are and what you are showing your customers. Use these videos to build excitement with unboxings or little bits of your process. You still want to show yourself at some point so people know who you are and you can continue to build those relationships with your customers.  

Tip #3

Remember a “call-to-action”. At the beginning of your videos make sure you let people know who you are and WHERE you are located. Let them know what city you are in and where specifically you are. At the end, remind them again and then invite them to drop in and see you at your location. If you are having an event or workshop be sure to encourage them to come see you with the details.


It’s called simulcasting. It’s not as scary as it sounds lol. Don’t just go live on Facebook,  x10 your efforts and also stream live on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels at the same time. It’s like like double dipping and getting more bang for your time.

Now Let’s Get Over Your Fear of Going Live Together!

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Running a retail business doesn’t have to be so hard, you’ve got this!

Thanks for popping in! So grateful for you!



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How to Attract New Customers to Your Shop

How to Attract New Customers to Your Shop

Hi Retailers,

Today I have three free and easy ways to change up your marketing strategy and attract more customers to your business. Remember, all the marketing you do now, will result in sales for months. This is why it is crucial to always be investing the time into marketing your business. Marketing is the fuel that runs your business. 

#1 Be of Value on Facebook and Social Media

Don’t be boring. Don’t only post things for sale. You are not Walmart, you have more to offer than sales posts. Think of your most favorite customer and put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to learn about? If you are providing posts that are interesting and helpful you will build your community. Take pictures of your process and share your technique. You will still be showcasing items for sale, building excitement demonstrating knowledge. 

You need to get creative … here’s a couple examples to get you started (click on the links to check them out):

#2 Be Easily Found

A couple of quick ways to be found:

Make it easy for your customers to find you. Sounds crazy – BUT – be sure to list your business on your personal social media pages as the, “Owner of…” Friends and family won’t always remember the name of your business so it is important to list it for them to reference. You’d be surprised how many people will look YOU up on Facebook in order to find YOUR store. So you better link them! 

3 Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Shop


ON YOUR FB BUSINESS PAGE: Make sure you hours of operation, location, CITY, and map is there. It’s a non negotiable.

ON YOUR WEBSITE: Quick – go look, is your location EASY for me to find you? When I do website audits I find lots of websites with locations that take 4 clicks to locate. Highlight your retail location on the front page!

Another must do – watch your SEO (what the heck? Yup – you need to know what people are looking for when looking for you online – that is SEO). It’s easier than you think.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words are key. Using them on everything from Google Business, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. will help you show up when people Google you. You can always ask new customers how they found you, and if they just did a search, ask them what the typed in! 

#3 Get Out of Your Shop! 

You need to be seen in your community. Be strategic about this kind of marketing because your time is valuable. If the restaurant next door doesn’t know what your business is you are probably not doing a good job marketing to your community. You have to get your name and business out there and share your business. Go where your people are. Visit other local shops and build those relationships through conversation. Attend chamber events, local events and markets, and find business meetups near you. Network! Network! Be “known” in your community. (Cuz you’re awesome). 


Watch my latest IGTV on Attracting New Customers

If you’d like to watch & listen, here’s the 6-minute version for you!


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How to Promote a Workshop/Class/Event for your Local Creative Shop

How to Promote a Workshop/Class/Event for your Local Creative Shop

I hear this all the time when working with my creative shop owners… How do I get people to attend my workshop/paint party/class/event? Why is no one signing up?

It’s truly the retailers dilemma: constantly needing to fill and book out the class .. and yet not always wanting to be “selling”. 


Marketing Strategies for Workshops & Classes

If you have 20-minutes this is a live training I did in my Rockstars Creative Facebook Group answering Jamie’s time-old question: What should I do if I post about my workshop and no one bites?

(It’s probably my most frequently asked question on the marketing side of our paintpreneur business….)

So this is my recap…

1. Ask these questions:

Are you offering the right workshop? Is this workshop for you or for your customers? Sometimes we pick a workshop subject that our customers aren’t interested in. Make sure you are covering something that they want to learn more about. 

Is it being offered at the right time? 

Are you marketing? Plain and simple, if you aren’t putting your services out there, you can’t expect people to show up. Sending one email and posting one time on social media about it is not enough. 

2. Change your way of thinking.

Don’t worry about being salesy and annoying. Come from a place of SERVING your people. Your classes, events and workshops are BENEFICIAL to those who attend. Yes, it could make you money. But it adds to their quality of life.. Share it and don’t be shy! Come from a place of service, not selling.

3. Promotional Tactics for getting ‘Bums in Seats’

  • Constantly be promoting. It is not your customer’s job to find out when your workshops are. It is your job to let the customer know what is going on. 
  • Post pictures of mock ups on social media. Don’t be afraid to show mistakes, people love that. 
  • Regularly post or run an ad on social media about the workshop. 
  • Print out paper fliers to put in shopping bags at check out. 
  • Include testimonials and pictures from previous workshops. 
  • Go live on Facebook and let people know how excited you are. 
  • Do a good old press release in the news paper.
  • Make sure you include information in your regular emails.
  • Use free demos in store during peak hours to promote the upcoming workshop. 
  • During your workshop, talk about the next workshop coming up. 

Remember, If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Don’t be shy about promoting you workshops because you are providing a service to your customers. Make it exciting and fun for them and it won’t feel like selling.

Let’s Dive Deeper into Creating Profitable Workshops

There’s so much more that goes into planning profitable and sold-out workshops and classes. I have gathered and ordered my years of experience planning, hosting and running thousands of workshops into a 3-part training series called: DIY Workshops for Retailers.

This is everything I know about how to plan & run popular, workshops and classes that sell out, get you clients, and earn extra revenue for your shop … this quick on demand course is going to make all the difference in your business’ revenue! It’s all my shortcuts and best practices plus done-for-you templates and costing sheets. Click here to learn more about my Workshop Series.

How to Promote Workshops for your Creative Shop with Wendy Batten How to Sell out Workshops DIY classes and events studio .

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Xo, Wendy







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