Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

So happy to see so many of you at the Roundtable yesterday! For those of you in attendance, what were your key takeaways?

You can find the replay here if you missed it!

Remember, our meetings are generally on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:00pm EST.

Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

Retailer’s Roundtable – February 2023

It was so nice to see so many of you come to our February Roundtable! Here’s the recording in case you were unable to attend. The first few minutes went by unrecorded (oops!) so it does seem like we just jump right in!

We talked about the customer’s journey and all the touchpoints we can focus on from the minute they hear about our stores to when/if they need to contact us after they’ve left our shop.

I asked each of you to think about 3-5 words that describe how you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand. (We had so many good ones!)

Remember: it’s those little 1% improvements that make huge differences in our businesses.

We also touched on return policies. Be sure to reevaluate yours making sure you (1) aren’t leaving money on the table by dissuading a customer to purchase something because of a bad return policy and (2) have a flexible policy with boundaries. We want happy customers and effortless buying in our shops!

As always, reach out if you need anything at all!

Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

Retailer’s Roundtable – November 2022

We had a great roundtable session this month. It’s always so nice to connect with everyone face to face. For those who missed it here is the replay.

1:00 – Email template reminder!
2:45 – Holiday Cocktail/Coffee hour in the Inner circle.
3:45 – Strategies for Holiday Drawings/Door Prizes
13:00 Approach to Black Friday to encourage shopping local.
21:00 What are you doing now to get your customer back in January?
29:00 Promoting passion projects – now is the time for you.
32:00 Event planning into 2023
40:00 Signage matters reminder – Holiday hours/QR codes
49:00 Code word Gingerbread!
52:00 Ah Ha moments and takeaways.

Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

Retailer’s Roundtable – October 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our monthly Roundtable Discussions. I always enjoy seeing each of you and having the chance to plan and strategize. For those of you who could not join in on our October Roundtable, here is the replay.

2:15 – Random Acts of Marketing

4:45 – Average Order Value/Conversion Rate

7:30 – Emails and Community Building

11:00 – Look where the puck is going!

15:30 – Scavenger Hunts

18:00 – Check your Promotional Calendars

24:00 – Cash flow/inventory

31:00 – Corporate Holiday Shopping

37:00 – Gifts certificates the lowdown

51:00 – Breaking down your numbers

55:00 – Commit to a Marketing strategy

Retailer’s Roundtable – March 2023

Retailer’s Roundtable – April 2022

Here is the link to the replay from our April 19th Monthly Retailer’s Roundtable and a few time stamps for quick access to topics.  😊

4:30 – Destination Stores Programs
6:00 – Community grants to improve websites
10:45 -Budgeting for Government loan repayments
13:00 – Leasing agreements the good the bad and the ugly
20:00 – Mother’s Day Sales Promos/Workshops
27:45 – How to encourage customers to come back
28:25 – Increasing your Average Order Value
35:20 – Who are your ideal customers and how to make them smile
50:00 – Importance of price increases to our margins
52:00 – Expanding your Marketing reach

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