Quarterly Planning Masterclass

Quarterly Planning Masterclass

Monthly Planning!


Check out the Monthly Playbook for checklists, planning and promotion ideas.

It changes monthly – so check out this month’s here. 

Want the Monthly Debrief only? Find it below


WEEKLY Planning 


Complete the CEO DATE every week

Your Ideal Customer Workshop

Your Ideal Customer Workshop

Refreshing our thoughts on finding MORE of your ideal customers.

Learning to market to the right IDEAL customers, serving them the right products and at the right price that works for you and them, can help you increase your foot traffic.

Reminder: It’s not always the current customers that are your ideal customers. We may be repelling more of the ideal ones (the ones we wish we had more of) because we are serving and catering to the ones who are not.

How are you feeling about your ideal customers?

October’s “3 Things”

3 Things Working Now To Help Retailers Make More Sales

Today’s LIVE session – 3 THINGS (3 cool things working now to help retailers make more sales)

1 thing working…

Google My Business.

Retailers are seeing great results from GMB – make this part of your CEO date (check weekly for accuracy and add where you can) GMB masterclass and guest coming into the IC in September.

1 Needle Mover to try…

2 words that can make you more sales – Staff Favorites/Biggest Seller/ Karen’s pick / Most Popular

Remove decision fatigue from your new customers and try these words.

1 thing that’s trending…

QR codes for DEMOS or more info – use QR codes around products to share a demo you’ve done with the product, or the origins story, or “how it’s made” etc.

Easily make a QR code with a QR code generator.

Bonus #4 1 cool free thing that will help you…

Sign up and start using Grammarly. Use the free version and it will save you tons of spelling and grammar mistakes in emails, FB posts, on-the-fly posts, etc.

Not going to make you more sales, but will help you in your day to day.

OK…I’d love to know if you have tried any of these, if they work for you – report back and/or tell me what you are going to try.

Is this helpful?

(ps….start at 4 min mark – Fb was super weird today – sorry)

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