Do you think of yourself as the CEO of your retail business?

I work with shop owners all over the world who don’t always think of themselves in this way. Mindset is 80% of business success. I hear retailers say that the people around them, sometimes well meaning and very close family and friends, can say things like “your little shop”, or “you get to play arts and crafts all day”. Hurtful. Right? We work so hard. I know you probably entered into this world as a creative, made plans to make your store pretty, set it all up and have worked your buns off. You take care of not just the fun things, but the planning, organizing, the staff, the money, workshops schedules, product lines, the whole enchilada.

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YOU are the visionary and leader of your business. This is it. It’s YOUR business. YOU choose to treat it like a business, not a hobby. Whether you want to call yourself the CEO, Head Honcho, Queen Bee, whatever. You need to have a CEO Mindset. Stand tall. Get healthy business habits in place. Be the CEO of your business. Level up your mindset and your business will grow. Get great business habits in place and your business will thrive (and so will you).

I’ve put together a list of CEO habits that I’ve seen common in successful retailers and shop owners just like you. View this list by filling out the form below. 

  There is something to be said for the habits that successful entrepreneurs and business owners share across industries. Let’s apply them to YOUR role as store owner… I know you will find success!!! Thanks for popping in! Xo Wendy

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