Learning to become the CEO

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Here are some of the resources mentioned during my sessions:


10 Simple CEO Habits for Creative Shop Owners

This right here is how you’re going to get your retail business through to the other side: YOU ARE GOING TO THINK AND ACT LIKE A CEO OF YOUR BUSINESS. Click here to read + download my 10 CEO habits that lead to success.




A few more podcasts you may find helpful:

Meet Jill and hear her story of creative to CEO – Episode 39

CEO Habits – Episode 33

Meet Amy – she increased her profits through the pandemic – Episode 19

Marketing – 7 ideas for more foot traffic – Episode 31

3 Reasons your marketing might not be working – Episode 25

If you need support with your brick and mortar business

 there are 3 main ways we can work together and I have more workshops and free resources:




It would be my pleasure to help you!

1. Monthly Coaching Group for Shop Owners:

Our monthly coaching group The Retailer’s Inner Circle is an affordable coaching group and supportive community.  It’s an intimate community of brick-and-mortar shop owners coming together to help one another succeed and level up. We offer weekly tools, resources and fantastic retail community support. Want to join us for 1$?

Click here for a special offer to join us


2. My online business courses for retailers: 

Didn’t go to business school but you’re running a business? Realizing you need foundation work in your business? My very popular 4-week retail foundations course, the Retail Made Simple for Creatives, is opening again soon. Tired of winging it and the overwhelm? In my course we cover the foundations of being the “boss” or the CEO, financials for retailers, sales and marketing, systems and planning. Click here to learn more and sign up for the waitlist.

I also have smaller instant access workshops and courses  available HERE.

3. Private One-on-One Coaching:

I work one-on-one as a mentor and business coach helping you with your business strategy and tactics to move your business forward. Click here to sign up for private coaching.





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