The CEO Date: A Non-Negotiable Habit is Key to Creative CEO Success | Episode 33

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The Big Takeaway:

Learn how to work ON your business (not just in it) and conduct an incredibly productive CEO Date to drive success in your shop.

Episode Summary:

Are you taking the time to regularly assess your retail business as the Creative CEO, my friend?

As creatives and small business owners, sometimes we get swept up in the day-to-day of shopkeeping tasks — tidying displays, opening inventory boxes, conducting workshops, or providing customer service. 

While these are all incredibly important aspects of working in your business, they are not the Creative CEO efforts that work on your business to strategically help you move the needle and build momentum.

For that, I habitually conduct a CEO Date every Monday to work on my own business and stay on the path to success.

In this episode, I walk you step-by-step through each piece I include in my CEO Date and cover the must-dos I see countless retailers use to build incredible success.

We cover everything from marketing to metrics to self-care, so get out a notepad and dive into this lesson on starting this vital habit for your retail business.

I’ve been doing these CEO Dates for years and will continue to do them weekly because I find them powerful in focusing on success. 

Remember, even though you’re the independent-type that started your own business, you are not meant to do this alone. If you’re looking for encouragement and feedback, or want to share how your CEO Date went, stop by the Rockstar Creatives FB community and talk with us!

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    Topics Discussed:

    • Why the CEO Date is a non-negotiable habit for moving the needle forward in your business
    • How doing this consistently will keep you on track to reach your business goals
    • An overview of the 5-part marketing strategy I use with creative shop owners and retailers in the Inner Circle
    • Understanding your leading and lagging metrics to evaluate the health of your business and plan for success
    • Evaluating your revenue streams and goals
    • The end of the week debrief that will get you focused on powerful, intentional business thinking

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