Find Revenue Streams That Light You Up: Retail Success Series with Inner Circle Member Virginia Warner | Episode 66

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Episode Summary:

In this series, I want to introduce you to some of my coaching clients inside the Retailer’s Inner Circle and hear how their retail journeys evolve and how they are seeing success. We learn so much from hearing how others manage and run their business.

Enjoy hearing from Virginia Warner of Tazewell Co. Mercantile:

Believe it or not, Virginia took over her current shop from her daughter! At first her daughter was selling only locally resourced items. Virginia is a history buff and was much more interested in collecting! Currently, her revenue streams (or as we call them in the Inner Circle: revenue buckets) are from the selling of antiques, food baskets, and in-person, artistic workshops!

Virginia is a proud foodie, so her curated food baskets are to die for and are great sellers! But, planning for all of the holiday seasons has to start in July. She has found that small batch items are more interesting and more special to her customers. Virginia and her husband make apple butter, and all of that revenue is actually donated to fallen warriors. Everything she does is personal and has such a special touch! 

Of course, everything changed during covid and Virginia had to make a ‘sanity decision’, a decision that kept her business going but wasn’t for the long term. 

How did she pivot and what did she pursue to create yet another revenue bucket during these dark times? Listen in and see how she tapped into a source she loved. 

She didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. She did things differently. 

She immediately started marketing on her website and Instagram, made a few portraits for friends and family members, and overall, ended up doing 50 home portraits last year! 

She made it through the pandemic without doing something she was uncomfortable doing (facebook live sales) and did it her way.

While listening, remind yourself it doesn’t take a massive social media following to have an impactful business, profit, and good life. Turn to what excites you and brings you happiness and go from there.


Some resources for you…

Tazewell Mercantile Retail Store:Website | Facebook | Instagram
Virginia the Artist:Instagram

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A quote for you to take away…

Knowing your profit margin on a product can really adjust and dictate how much you can do, it’s been a great lesson for me.” – Virginia Warner


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