Adding Ecommerce to Your Brick and Mortar: With Special Guest Susan Bradley | Episode 75

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Episode Summary:

Today we are sharing strategy on adding Shopify or eCommerce to your brick and mortar with my friend and Shopify expert Susan Bradley of The Social Sales Girls! We will talk about tips and tricks on how to build an eCommerce Shopify site and find success.

Susan had her own brick-and-mortar retail business in 1990 and sold her small chain of stores in 2010. A year later, she bought a little eCommerce company called We Squeak where most of the sales were wholesale to brick and mortar retail boutiques. She quickly found herself close to bankruptcy and realized in order to make a sustainable business, she needed more online sales.

In 2018, though, after she sold We Squeak, she created a course and then created her successful eCommerce business. Believe it or not, Susan is an expert coach and shares her knowledge about the ins and outs of Shopify on her weekly podcast, The Roadmap to 50K.

She’s absolutely wonderful at sharing information regarding the CEO side of Shopify – the metrics and the measuring. It’s truly where the eCommerce magic happens!

We chat about the fact that you can’t just build a pretty website and hope they come. We also chat about how foot traffic is different for brick and mortar vs eCommerce. They require 2 different types of marketing and strategy. Understanding this key difference is what will help you see success if you want to add this additional stream to your retail business. 

Let’s talk Math:

  • A tough statistic to take: Only 1% to 2% of visitors to your site will buy.
  • Unlike brick and mortar stores – less is more! You will sell more products when you have only 20 of your best products listed.
  • About 80% of people are shopping on a mobile phone. Have a site that is clean and simple.
  • 30% – 50% of sales come from the last click of an email. Offer an incentive to your customers that give their email address.

Listen to Susan about how eCommerce is different from your normal brick and mortar, but can be such a wonderful addition to any business.

Susan’s upcoming FREE GROWTH PLAN WORKSHOP can be found here: Register NOW!  The Growth Plan

Wendy’s Foot Traffic Made Simple to learn to market your brick and mortar.

Keep Up with Susan Bradley:
Podcast: The Roadmap To 50k On Shopify | Website | The Inner Circle | Traffic Bootcamp 


In This Episode:

[1:18] Susan Bradley’s journey

[5:47] What does Susan Bradley do and how?

[8:02] Susan’s Inner Circle all about Shopify

[11:33] Understanding the back end of a Shopify site (the Math that matters)

[15:17] How to drive traffic to your site and what to sell

[20:57] Stop messing around with your website

[24:22] Email is powerful in eCommerce

[27:15] Keep up with Susan

[29:15] Closing remarks

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A few quotes for you…

You have to give people a reason to come and visit your eCommerce store.” – Susan Bradley

The time you spend on setting up a very small eCommerce store, learning how to find your people, and getting them there is so scalable.” – Susan Bradley

If you build it, they won’t come. You have to do the work.” – Wendy Batten

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