What Does Success Look Like For You In 2022? | Episode 83

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Episode Summary:

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Success. What does that even mean?
Are we talking about particular goals you may have? To me, it’s more about how you FEEL about your business.

Success can mean – more time off, maybe a bigger paycheck or reaching goals. It might mean getting your doors open, or expansion or maybe just making your first sale.
It all depends on what stage of business you are in, and the lifestyle you want to go along with it. 

Now is the time to plan your goals out for success in 2022. 

Goals such as:

  • More ease within your business
  • A less stressful holiday season
  • Having systems in place for inventory
  • More organization
  • Better time management
  • Staying consistent with social media content

A few topics I work on with clients as we’re planning out 2022…

  1. Think of yourself as the CEO. It doesn’t matter where you are with your business, you are a CEO! But, are you making CEO level decisions? Are you taking the time for CEO dates? It’s time to stop DIY’ing your business!
  2. Are you comfortable with your financial knowledge and paycheck? Are you comfortable reading and understanding your profit and loss and your balance sheet? I’m not a fan of math, but we cannot run a successful business or level up unless we really pay attention to the numbers. It’s part of your KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
  3. Marketing and Sales. If you’re looking to increase your Average Order Value and your revenue per square footage, you need to increase the number of people walking through the door and know what levers to push to make it happen. 

At every level of your business, continue to ask yourself: “I wish I was more ________.” 

We should always strive to continue our learning and improvement. Whether you’re in the first year of business or expanding and having a big year, we all have to refine and optimize our business.


In This Episode:

[1:14] Level Up Mastermind group is open!

[3:20] What does success even mean?

[8:57] What are your plans for 2022?

[10:01] You are the CEO

[11:33] Financial knowledge

[14:19] Marketing and sales

[16:25] Review

[20:16] Programs available through wendybatten.com

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A quote takeaway for you…

Don’t be reactive. A true CEO is proactive.” – Wendy Batten


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