Retail Success Series: The Journey to CEO Level Confidence with Stacey Allgood | Episode 87

Show Notes:

This series is not just to share the highlight reel of real retailers’ success, but also the ups and downs as retailers grow into their confidence, CEO role to see that success. It is a journey.

Meet Stacey Allgood. Stacey didn’t start out wanting a business (an accidental entrepreneur) she quickly realized that her love of people helped her to significantly grow and find her niche. She has grown and morphed from a tiny space to her own brand new building – she’s successfully selling creative kits, door decor, gifts and more! Folks can come in and paint their own pottery/canvases as well as host parties. And through all the ups and downs of her journey, she was able to consistently grow her customer base and make real CEO business decisions.

Since starting her business in 2012, she is Better Than Ever (pun intended!) And that’s all due to her striving to always learn and wear that CEO hat. Making smart, revenue-generating decisions. Decisions that include using her space wisely to create an actual event center and focusing on what’s missing in her community., paying attention to business foundations, the numbers and more – which quite frankly – Stacey admits she didn’t want to do.  There’s no specific formula, but there are business foundations for all of this, and big conversations need to be had. Conversations and education about your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), foot traffic, inventory, money per square foot, and the backend financial management.

Learning the building blocks of her business and knowing what truly lights her up has given Stacey the confidence to make those crucial CEO decisions – to see more profits, more success – on her terms. Listen in for some great business nuggets…


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A Quick Glance:

[1:15] Stacey Allgood’s business journey story

[14:06] Stacey’s new shop location!

[16:53] Creating an event center

[20:19] Brainstorm and make decisions based on your customer, your community, your town. Know your people.

[24:04] Surround yourself with supportive, knowledgeable people

[31:20] Stacey’s current business model

[36:44] Stacey’s favorite quote

[38:30] Closing remarks


About Stacey Allgood:

Stacy has gone from 1st grade teacher to stay-at- home mom, to business owner. In 2012 without any business knowledge or painting experience, she started painting furniture in a 200 square foot studio. Over the years she has added classes like canvas painting, wood signs and door hangers, paint your own pottery, a gift shop and soon an event center – all in her new 5000 square foot building. 

Use code kit25 to save 25% off canvas painting kits. Kits include canvas with lines predrawn, paint and link to video tutorial. Find them on our website under shop, then canvas kits.

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A quote from Stacey…

“You might be the juiciest peach in the whole orchard. But some people don’t like peaches.”



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Rockstar Creatives Facebook Group
Foot Traffic Made Simple

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