Information Overload – How to handle all the retail customer communication & orders| Episode 13

It’s overwhelming enough right now as we adjust our retail businesses to online orders, curbside pickup and appointments, and deliveries. On top of this, us scrappy retailers are getting orders from FB lives and comments, Instagram direct messages, phone calls, websites and emails.

How do we keep track of it all without dropping orders through the cracks?

How do we keep our sanity and not burn out?

How do we get our team on the same page?

The struggle is real and you’re not alone if you’re feeling swamped by all of the channels and platforms that clients can interact with you. This episode will help you come up with a system (and some must-needed boundaries) when it comes to collecting orders and communicating with your clients.




Thanks to shopkeeper Judi Burrows from @inspiredvhd

I’ve been going crazy keeping up with customer messages on FB comments, inbox, messenger, instagram and email. I realized that I’d missed several inquiries and that is not ok at this time when I need the business! by chance today, the FB page manager app popped up and i took a look at it. game changer!
Top left is FB inbox, next is FB comments, and right is IG comments. It’s not the end-all but it sure will help not having to look in 3 different apps to find messages!

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