Rock Your

Holiday Profits


Ready for more profits this

holiday season?

Increase your shop’s profits while cutting down on stress this Q4 with this quick, easy challenge!

Give me 60 minutes and I’ll show you how to make more profits! 

I know this year has continued to be a roller coaster ride for so many. Throw in shipping, increased costs and wholesale’s a lot right?

What would it feel like to have more profits in your pocket without having to pivot or learn some new marketing techniques during your busiest time of the year? 

Are you ready for more from your shop?

Want this holiday season to not only be your BEST SALES ever – but the best PROFITS ever? 

How do you want to feel when you look at your numbers on Dec 31st? 

Let’s start increasing your profits by the end of this week without more marketing or doing more FB posts!

Imagine what will happen throughout the holidays!

Trust me, and give me just one hour and you will see increased profits while increasing your take-home pay, you will feel more confident as the Creative CEO of your beautiful retail business and less stressed, too, on your way to see even more of the success you want. Sound good?

Want to learn how? Watch now!


If you want to maximize your time and energy


If you are sick of wondering why you are not making more profits in your beautiful retail business


If you are tired of piling on marketing all the time and the thought of doing more social media makes you want to just quit


If you know you have great products, great customers and service and you just can’t understand why your retail business is not more profitable


If you are ready to make a healthier paycheck for yourself this holiday (you work so hard)


If you want to feel more in control of your business finances this holiday season (the not so sexy but oh so important part of retail) and are ready to put in 15 minutes a day for more control

Then this is for you! I’ve got you!

Register for the Rock your Holiday Profits Workshop below.

You will be sent the workshop replay and the workbook to follow along – it’s super easy,  then get ready to watch your profits grow when we get going.

    Who is hosting this? 

    Wendy Batten is a small business coach and retail coach for creative brick and mortars. 

    Host of The Creative shop Talk Podcast, business coach to hundreds of small business owners, Wendy is passionate about sharing simple, and helpful business strategies to help you thrive. 

    Retail doesn’t have to be so hard. She’s 100% dedicated to supporting and encouraging you to build your dream business and lifestyle!

    Wendy Batten - small business coach and host of creative shop talk podcast

      In my previous workshops, retailers have seen great results, have loved the community spirit, and had fun doing it. You are going to want to watch this!


      Let’s make your retail business the successful and profitable business you know it can be.

      You are building more than a business, you are building a beautiful life and having healthy profits and business skills is just a few clicks away. I’ve got ya, come join us!

      Let’s get you excited and confident as we grow your shop!

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