Increase your Sales this week in your Brick and Mortar Store  …. even though it’s summer.

#1 Increase your UPT (units per transaction)

Sounds simple? Just have all your customers buy more items.

Before you roll your eyes at me, I want you to stop thinking about sales as an upsell, and start thinking about your customer’s needs. If a customer buys paint – they need a brush or whisk to mix milk paint, or sanding sponge or maybe they would be better served by taking a workshop to alleviate any nerves they have about painting. It’s your duty to mention and share what you have to offer them. Come from a place of service to your customer and think about what other products your customer may want. Listen to them, maybe they are redoing their kitchen, you may have beautiful flower pots that will look great in their kitchen. Mention it. You are doing your customer a favor by mentioning and working on serving your customer better to offer a product that compliments what they are already buying and thus increasing your UPT.

Come from a mindset of service to your customers and you won’t be or feel icky or find it hard at all to sell.

Track the sales, and see if you can increase your UPTs in store. Train your staff to sell with the customers best interest at heart and they will see success too.

#2 Host a garage sale or sale on dead stock

Need a quick influx of customers this week? Host a flash sale, surprise sale, etc.

Do you have dead stock? Too much naked furniture in your garage? Discontinued colors of paint (even already opened paint from your studio)? Christmas stencils? Bits and bobs or slow stock hanging around? Then you need to host a garage sale, spring cleaning sale etc.

#3 Do a free demo of your products

Hands down, one way to drive traffic and increase customers’ confidence is to do a free demo in your store. Demonstrate how to use your paint or feature an item, answer questions, dissuade any preconceived objections about the product, show them how much you love it. Offer a discount on that item that day, or a door prize, let customers see and touch the products.

Make it an “event” a big deal on social media, send out an email to your customers, do FB lives as you prep and you will be surprised at the traffic that will come in, you will also feel great about moving that dead stock. Bonus.

Need more help with sales strategies, download our FREE Paintpreneur’s Success Guide HERE  with lots of strategies to increase your paint sales.

Try one of these strategies this week and let me know how you make out!

Thank you for popping in, here’s to your success!




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