How to Promote an Event or Workshop for your Shop

Let’s get this out of the way. What you are doing at your store is AWESOME But it is absolutely NOT your customers’ job to find out what events and workshops are happening when. In order to keep your shop’s events full and booked out, you have to be constantly marketing. 

But first I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Are you offering the right workshop?
  • Is this workshop for you or for your customers? Sometimes we pick a workshop subject that our customers aren’t interested in. Make sure you are covering something that they want to learn more about. 
  • Is it being offered at the right time? 
  • Are you marketing? Plain and simple, if you aren’t putting your services out there, you can’t expect people to show up. Sending one email and posting one time on social media is not enough. 

It doesn’t have to feel icky

Second, let’s change how you think about “selling”.. you are letting your customers know about cool events: open hours, demonstrations, workshops, etc. that your store is hosting. These are all value-added and life-improving events. Don’t feel guilty about selling AT ALL. Marketing 101 is just telling your customers about it. If you don’t look at your customers as dollar signs, it won’t feel yucky. You are doing them a service by informing them! 

How to Get “Bums in Seats”

To get people to attend your shop’s events, I always call it “get bums in seats.” For my best practices, hit play below on my 15-minute Facebook live (Especially If you’re a listener or multitasker)

Marketing Strategies for Workshops

  • Constantly be Promoting. It is not your customer’s job to find out when your workshops are. It is your job to let the customer know what is going on. 
  • Post pictures of mock-ups on social media. Don’t be afraid to show mistakes, people love that. 
  • Regularly post or run an ad on social media about the workshop. 
  • Print out paper fliers to put in shopping bags at check out. 
  • Include testimonials and pictures from previous workshops. 
  • Go live on Facebook and let people know how excited you are. 
  • Do a good old Press Release in the newspaper.
  • Make sure you include information in your regular emails.
  • Use free demos in-store during peak hours to promote the upcoming workshop. 
  • During your workshop, talk about the next workshop coming up. 

Remember, If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. Don’t be shy about promoting your workshops because you are providing a service to your customers. Make it exciting and fun for them and it won’t feel like selling. 

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You are running a real business. 

You are a retailer and an entrepreneur doing all the hard work. This is not a hobby store and you aren’t just playing arts and crafts. I want to encourage you to continue to follow your passion and succeed. 

Running a retail business doesn’t have to be so hard, you’ve got this!

Thanks for popping in!



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