Mid Year Review – WHO is doing one?

Have you started or do you have a plan to do this in the next week or so?

WHY is this important? CEO’s check in on their business, see where they are and make sure they are on the right track. We have only 182 days to reach your goals and see the success you know you want from your business.

WHO has started or is going to work on a mid year review?

I broke the mid year review down for you. See the challenge I put out in Part 1 – it’s fun and you will love it!

Part 1:

It’s important to check in on yourself and your business mid-way through the year, let’s set you up for a super successful end of the year!

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  • listen to episode 59 of the podcast for the “what” and here in this video I will share some “how”.
  • review your first 6 months’ data and yearly goals
  • review the foundational pillars – what’s working, whats not, what habits and skills are, and goals that need attention or need celebrating?
  • take the 1 simple challenge I share in this video

Part 2: 

Some questions to consider as you are checking in on yourself and your business:
  • where am I with the yearly goals I set?
  • what are the main goals I have for the rest of 2021? (Revenue, how I want to feel about my business etc)
  • Consider – revenue desired, ease, eduction, what backstage CEO “stuff” you need to clean up, any marketing you need etc
  • Set the goalposts
  • Make a revenue plan to get to the goal post (hint: we don’t have to do everything – we have to do the right things that matter)
  • What would help me be in the best position to make this happen?
  • What do I need to action in Q3? (hint: Q3 is the time to get yourself READY for Q4)
  • What do I need to action in Q4? (hint – this is probably not the time to be doing big projects etc – Q4 we want to be present and doing what we do best – selling, serving, managing our business)
  • What do I honestly have the bandwidth and time for?
  • What is something that if I just get it done it will move the needle for more sales/profits/ease for me?
  • What big rocks (important life things) do I need to make time for?
  • braindump everything, eliminate the wants not needs, identify the training, help or coaching you need to get what you need done (leap frog where you can)
  • there are only 180 days left in the year, how can I use every day to get to my goal?
  • How can I keep this SIMPLE?
  • Set SMART goals if you want to attach goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)

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