Marketing tip: Use Pattern Interrupt for More Retail Sales

HoW are yoU standing oUt and getting your cUstomer’s aTTention this wEEk? 

What is a pattern interrupt?

A quick and easy win for your business by getting their attention. Changing things up!

Shake up the norm. Do something different. Be rememberable or noticeable.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I am not a fancy person. I focus more on authentic relatable content, and at a recent event, all of the speakers had fancy slide presentations to go along with their discussions.

But what I did was make sure to stand out. I used simple, paper doodles that I drew by hand.

So what was I remembered as? The girl that did the doodle 🙌
Whether good or bad, it was memorable for the audience.

A recent retailer client painted her front door hot pink (on-brand – but changed it up)

A Retailer’s Inner Circle member dressed up for Derby Day with fun hats etc.

What could you do today to change the pattern in your business?

Why would it matter?

Everyone gets complacent. We get complacent with our business, and so do our customers. They aren’t always paying attention to us!

Let’s change it up, by creating a quick, easy, visual change.

Interrupt the normal.

It also allows us to step out of this box that we put ourselves in. Break the rules for just one day!

Here are a few examples:

  • Change the header/cover photo on your website or Facebook page
  • Wear crazy clothing on your next Facebook live to catch their eye
  • Put a new flag or banner up in front of your store
  • Change up where you do your lives
  • Post a new and fun picture/video on social media
  • Colorblock a post
  • Change your merchandising and marketing to show the season

What you do every day is still important. But shaking things up every now and then is a great thing!

If you’d like more support in your retail business, you can work with me through a few different outlets. I work with retailers inside my coaching groups – one of them is called The Retailer’s Inner Circle (which is currently open and accepting new members). I do one-on-one coaching, and I  have a podcast called the Creative Shop Talk Podcast. I also have courses that you can grab if a group is not your thing!

Comment below and let me know how you’ve changed things up recently!


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