Plan Your Best Retail Year Ever (Part 3) | Episode 42

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Episode Summary:

Previously, we discussed five prompts for year planning in Part 1 of my “Plan Your Best Retail Year Ever” series – Episode 40 of The Creative Shop Talk Podcast last week. These helped us to look back before we can move forward. In part 2, we talked about three prompts that help retail business owners plan for 2021. These three prompts are related to our numbers and finances. Every retail business must know and understand real numbers to make better business decisions.

In this week’s episode, Part 3 of my “Plan Your Best Retail Year Ever Series”, we are going to talk about what do we need to do to get where we want to go. How do we get customers? I discuss different ways you can make money and how to put a simple marketing plan in place. Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult if you have all the information you need. I share tips on how you can budget quarter by quarter. 

I know we talk a lot about managing money and planning for 2021 in these episodes of my “Plan Your Best Retail Year Ever” series, and you might have a lot of questions and doubts. I want to help your business grow. I’m excited to announce that I am hosting a free session inside my Facebook group Rock Star Creatives on December 30th to answer all your questions about this series. This group is a free and safe space where creative shop owners hang out and share business insights and tips. 

If you would like to learn at a deeper level, you can join my Retail Made Simple workshop that starts next month. When you enroll in the course, you will learn and understand not just the process of planning a whole new year but how the retail business works.  


Plan your best retail year ever by following one of our most popular series:

Part 1 – Why looking back is key and what to look for
Part 2 – Look forward to plan – revenue and finances
Part 3 – What do we need to do to get where we want to go
Part 4 – How to put all the pieces together and reach your goals

Plan Your Best Retail Year Ever (Part 3)
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This week on the Creative Shop Talk Podcast:

  • What do we need as business owners
  • Reverse engineering
  • Brain dump all of the different revenue streams
  • Different ways of making money
  • Adding eCommerce to your current website to generate more revenue
  • The cost of goods
  • Breaking it down
  • How to budget
  • Giving goals to ourselves
  • How to get things done 


The Big Takeaway:

If we can look back to do the math and do reverse engineering, we will be closer to our goal of knowing where we want to go. 


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “We just have to get out of our comfort zone a little bit.” – Wendy Batten
  • “I love dreaming big.” – Wendy Batten
  • “it’s simple when you start doing it.” – Wendy Batten
  • “If you have easy numbers, you need to think bigger.” – Wendy Batten 


Our sponsor:

Online Course: Retail Made Simple

It’s a four-week course that I run every January for retailers to help them uncomplicate all the business stuff.


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