Confidently become the CEO of your creative Retail business

in 4 short weeks

Small Group Coaching program: The Success Path for Creative Shop Owners with Wendy Batten




And yet, if you are like many of my clients, here you are trying to manage a retail business during these crazy days!

You may want more from your business in 2022? 

You may call yourself an accidental entrepreneur, running a business, “just winging it” and learning as you go. But now…you may be realizing you need a little more help. You’re trying to juggle all the balls and the daily growing demands, pivoting and shifting with all the changes, hoping to drive consistent foot traffic through the doors once we open again and get cash in the till and in the midst of all of this — find time to have a life.  It’s a lot. 

Maybe you realize now it’s time to take your business skills to the next level, to truly become “the CEO” of your beautiful business.  The creative CEO, who is confident and has plans in place for business growth. Who is committed to the outcome of this business.  

The Creative CEO has a handle on the numbers and can take the right actions to stay profitable. The Creative CEO who understands business foundations are key to designing a wonderful, successful retail business. 

But you may be asking, How can YOU become ‘the CEO’ you need to be when all you feel is overwhelmed? 

The solution is finding the right path to becoming the business owner you know you need to be.  Let me help simplify this for you.

Being an overwhelmed shopkeeper may be costing you. It’s more than likely costing you the energy you don’t have, the money you can’t afford to lose, and time to enjoy your life as you wish you could. 

It’s time to become the CEO. Stop reacting to everything and start being more proactive in your business!    

Let me help you with my small group coaching course!

Breathe easier and sleep better at night – let’s do it together! 

If you know you need change, I will spare you the spiel. I don’t want to be a broken record and convince you of something you already know. Every day we hear that another retail business is closing…this past 2 years has really separated the hobbyists from the committed business owners. Let’s make you stronger. 


Why do statistics show that 30% of new retail businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10 years?


It’s because those shop owners created a job for themselves, not a business.

They neglected the business foundations. Let’s fix that now.


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Become the CEO of your creative retail business you know you need to be, I will guide you through the right key foundational steps during this 4 week course to help you level up and find the success that YOU want for your retail business. Let me show you the path from shopkeeper to thriving business owner and ease your overwhelm and stress.

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If you’re like many of my coaching clients, you may be:

 Going into the shop early, staying late, serving all the customers, doing the orders, teaching all the workshops if you have the, etc. Maybe you are so busy that your business leaves you feeling too scattered and overwhelmed to work on the big picture projects like marketing plans and budgets that are essential for your growth.

Trying to keep up with all the social media “tips” and “tactics” that it feels like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks – and your results reflect that.

You may want to just stop “winging it” and learning as you go, you want real actionable foundational techniques and strategies that translate into retail success, you’re working way too hard in your shop to be wasting your time and guessing what to focus on.

Moving forward through this other side of this pandemic you are wanting a common sense approach to running a retail business that’s doable and realistic for creative shop owners from someone who GETS it. 

A creative/passion-filled person first, and have a hard time dealing with all the business stuff so it is always left for last. You just wish you could have a “business 101” or someone to tell you what to do next.

Needing to get off the hamster wheel.

It’s your time to bring your original dream of a successful beautiful business to life.

I’m here to help.

I’m Wendy Batten and I was a creative shop owner like yourself. I’ve been there: running myself into the ground, putting out fires, and wondering what the heck I’m doing. Loving the creative side of my business, the customers, my shop, sharing my passion, but feeling lost in the daily to-dos of running my brick and mortar and busywork, wondering why my bank balance wasn’t yielding what my efforts felt like they should.

Along the way, I discovered two key things that made the difference: asking for help and starting to plan for my success.

I learned how to create ease and profits into my retails business and my business thrived, helped me build my business and I’m here to help you do the same.

Imagine if you could own a beautiful profitable business – with ease.

You dream of a beautiful store that’s well run and making a profit with a beautiful community of customers happily shopping with you. 

This is what I help retailers do.


are you ready to go from being a creative running a retail business juggling all the things, to become the CEO managing a beautiful creative business? Stop spinning your wheels, being stressed and overwhelmed, and working so dang hard for little profit. 

You can be successful at retail, stay creative and have that beautiful business life you always imagined.

Wendy Batten business coach

Let me help simplify it all for you, give you the confidence to grow and scale your business, to find the success and profits that YOU want to build that beautiful business you dreamed of… But how? How do you build a thriving retail business?

It Starts With A Simple Path.






A small group four-week online program to simplify and lay the foundation brick by brick for your creative retail business.


In this intimate small group course you will:


Learn how to get a focused plan on the important parts of your business, so you can get ahead in your business with more sales and clear direction and be a more confident business owner


Walk away understanding exactly where to spend your time as the CEO of your retail store. Stop being just a shopkeeper, start being the CEO. 


Leave with a better understanding of business financials – we will fill in that gap between creative and accountant so that you can be clear on where your profits are, understand and plan better for cash flow and be more confident working with your accountant, you will understand now what you should be tracking. So when it comes to the numbers, you know how to make your business more profitable


Learn how to create a simple and easy-to-follow marketing plan that works for your retail business that doesn’t just include “more social media” and be more confident about your simple selling techniques

Retail Made Simple with Wendy Batten

Here’s what you’ll get in Retail Made Simple 

  • 4 Modules of self-guided, easy, bite-sized training and accompanying resources to get your retail business growing  that are pre-recorded so that you can watch on your own time (you don’t need to show up at a specific time)
  • A private supportive small popup Facebook community of retail owners to get support during the 4 weeks
  •  Weekly LIVE group QnA coaching calls with me during the 4 weeks — your opportunity to pick my brain and get your questions answered and get hands-on support from me (replay available)
  • Access to the course as long as it is available on the internet, including any future updates, so you can review the training when you want


The modules in Retail Made Simple —

The Success Path for Creative Shop Owners will cover:

Business Management

We will spend some time focusing on your goals for your business, looking at big-picture strategies and mindset to be the CEO of your business. Together we will build up our confidence in our business and get total clarity on our goals. This is one module many previous students have said surprised them as being most important.

Retail Financials  

Clear and easy. Having a clear understanding of what’s making you money, what’s not and where the heck the money is going, will help you pivot and adjust quickly and put MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!  We will cover all the basics you need to understand how to create a better profitable business, we will talk about proper revenue streams for your retail business, how to understand where you are making money and where you may not be, a basic understanding of financials in business, inventory and the always challenging cash flow.

Retail Marketing & Sales

In Sales and Marketing, we cover ALL the things we need to simplify and target the RIGHT people in the right way to get more sales, especially during this unusual time. No more guessing what you SHOULD be doing. We will provide you with a promotional guide and help you put marketing strategies in place for your business. We also cover SELLING, and how to increase sales without “slimy” sales strategies, just great sales to support your customer’s best outcome. Let’s get foot traffic through your door and get them BUYING!

Business Planning

In our last week, we will learn how to put systems and tracking metrics in place to simplify your retail business, and to keep you on track along with time management tips that you will love, and we will put all the work you’ve done into a manageable 90 day plan you can just start to implement and follow and not feel so overwhelmed.

PLUS, these Bonuses to quickly accelerate your business!

BONUS 5th week of implementation and support with Wendy

BONUS  100+ Social Media Prompts Done-For-You FB content ideas for retailer. Free up your time this month by having your social posts batched and done! Imagine the freedom! ( A $99.00 Value!)

BONUS A promotional calendar specifically for retailers — don’t worry about what your next promotion is going to be, stay focused on what’s happening this month in your store ( A $199.00 Value!)

FAST ACTION BONUS A personalized audit of your business’ social media – for the first 15 retailers to sign up — get professional feedback that will help you make an impact!

A total value of  $898.00 in bonuses alone!

Being a brick and mortar shop owner is a unique position and requires the knowledge and guidance of someone who has gone before you and knows where the challenges and pitfalls lie.  I have found my experienced mentor in Wendy.  

I have learned real actionable techniques that have translated into instant cash in my drawer.  Learning all of the foundational ideas and techniques that should be in place to run a successful store have been invaluable to me and we have been experiencing our biggest sales numbers in six years.  

If you are committed to putting the time into becoming the CEO of your business, taking control of your money and your life, then you need Wendy’s courses and groups.”


Owner, Schoolhouse Salvage


the success path for creative shop owners

everything you need to become the ceo of your creative business to find the confidence and success you have always dreamed about!

Is Retail Made Simple course right for you?

I designed The Success Path for retailers who want to get serious about their business.

You are ready if:

  • You’ve owned your brick and mortar long enough to know you need to level up
  • You know something needs to change and you are committed to making those changes
  • You know what you want from your business but are just not sure how to get there
  • You are ready to look at the big picture of your business and understand that you need to put key foundational pieces together to make it happen
  • You are ready to stop wading through the weeds of day-to-day and get on a clear path to success
  • This pandemic has shown you that you need a better handle on the business side, including system and business confidence
  • You are committed to your business success and have realized you need some business foundations to confidently move forward


Budgeting & Planning My Way To Freedom!

This is what I learned from Wendy and her amazing course! Her style and commitment to helping our group get our acts together, get organized, get planning and kill it for the Holiday Season was invaluable! I can’t even put into words how happy I am that I signed up for this 4-week class!

Don’t even wait.. do it!! You will see too why it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your business!”


Owner, The Painted Attic

“I love that Wendy delivers information from a retailer perspective backed by hands-on experience. I benefited from her business foundational blocks and insights. It’s a common sense approach that’s doable and realistic. 

I like having a plan to follow to move my business forward.  Visioning where I am going is so important and Wendy breaks this down into manageable steps.
Wendy is the real deal. She cares about her groups, works hard to keep current and share relevant information, understands the needs of the small business, and continuously provides straightforward, on-point resources that will assist in moving our businesses forward if commit to implementing these strategies. Do not hesitate to join.

Owner, Louisville Mercantile

“I can’t TELL you just how much this course meant to me. I was SO overwhelmed by ‘all of the things‘ required to run a successful shop and I really feel that this course made all the difference in the world in helping me to make my business a success.”


4 Weeks from Struggling Shop Keeper to

Confident Retail Business Owner

Get on the waitlist today!

Jump on the list and you will be the first to know when we reopen Retail Made Simple — The Success Path for Creative Shop Owners!

Become the CEO of your creative retail business you know you need to be, I will guide you through the right key foundational steps during this 4 week course to help you level up and find the success that YOU want for your retail business. Let me show you the path from shopkeeper to thriving business owner and ease your overwhelm and stress.

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