Welcome to the 6-Week Sales Accelerator Strategy Sessions

This is your personal simple dashboard where it all is kept in order for you!  The weekly replays and strategy sessions will be here.

We also have the Voxer group chat for ideas and brainstorming. Don’t be shy. For your benefit and the benefit of others, be active on the calls if you have questions or something to contribute. Be a giver as well as ask whatever questions you have no matter how big, small, or personal. I assure you, you are not the only one.

I am here with you every step of the way. Reach out if you need anything.

Our meeting dates:

July 19th, 26th

August 2, 9, 16, 23

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Let’s Get Ready

Video One: Welcome

Video 2: If this doesn’t work for you, what might be the reasons why?

Video Three: Why #'s and strategy matter

*This video was pulled from my Retailer’s Inner Circle training, the “next” video I mention about the $’s is below in resources if you have not done your math in awhile or want more explanation.  (so you understand when I say over the next few months etc) 😉

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 1 – Assess Where You Are

Week 1: Live Replay

Additional Information:

Week one prompts and assignments can be found here. 

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 2 – Visibility and Awareness 

Week 2: Live Replay

Additional Information:

Assignment and a copy of the 5 visibility strategy opportunities: HERE

 Find the blog post on press releases and get media coverage HERE.

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 3 – Engage and Nurture Plan 

Week 3: Live Replay

Additional Information:


1. What exactly will you do to engage your customers in the next 90 days?

2. What is your current foot traffic (and/or online traffic #)? Start counting now, track daily if possible

3. What exactly will you do to nurture your clients in the next 90 days?

4. What is your current conversion rate? (If you know it, or start paying attention. #people that purchase from the #of people that come in.

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 4 – Making Sales 

Week 4: Live Replay

Additional Information:


1. What is your average order value (over a period of time – can compare to last year if that makes more sense to your market)

2. Of the 5 areas in sales, what strategies/tools do you need/want to put into place over the next 90 days. 

3. What things do you need to put in place to ensure your team understands sales/get training 

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 5 – Wow and Delight

Week 5: Live Replay

Additional Information:


1. What is your current Return Customer Return Purchaser Rate?

2. What will you put in place to intentionally wow and delight over the next 90 days?

3. Review the 3-5 words you wrote down on how you wanted your customers to feel after experiencing your brand 

6 week sales accelerator with Wendy Batten

Week 6 – Pulling it all together

Week 6: Live Replay


Document: CEO Date


Document: Funnel and Promotional Calendar

Additional Information:

Resources – some reference documents for you, including CEO Date, promotional calendar

If you would like to apply for the Level Up Mastermind – use this form. (We open up spots if they become available).

If you are an Inner Circle member: Resources to help you with specifics, are in the Retailer’s Inner Circle: Shop Standards, Selling Series, Pricing Masterclass, Google Best Practices, Website audit, and full Foot Traffic Made Simple masterclass. Ask questions, join the Inner Circle Roundtables, and don’t stay stuck!

Thank you for joining us, YOU are a rockstar!


Additional Resources:

Where is your money going? How much do you need to make for PROFITS and PAY really?

 If you would like to work on your #s and understand where your money is going, here is a replay of a strategy session you may find very helpful if you have not watched it before. Industry norms, what percentage is going where from your income etc:  Find the video HERE

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