What Is The Story You’re Telling Yourself? | Episode 26

What Is The Story You’re Telling Yourself? | Episode 26

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The stories you tell yourself aren’t always true. These stories are called limiting beliefs. They are FALSE!

When I hear creatives say:

“I’m not a numbers person”

“I’m creative, not a business owner type”

“Stress and overwhelm are a normal part of this creative shop owner life”

“I don’t have time to plan”

‘I’m not good at the biz stuff”

I make it my goal to help them bust through these myths that are holding them back in their own creative businesses. Let’s flip the script!

If you change this story and hone your business skills you CAN realize more profits. But you have to overcome the limiting beliefs you’re telling yourself. Sign up for the Retail Made Simple course now so you can switch the story you’re telling yourself as a biz owner. Those stories should be “I can do it” and “I am good at the biz stuff.”

Big big hint: There’s a direct line from your business growth with what you invest in yourself and do for your personal growth and development. Take that step to get better!


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