July means it’s time to plan the Q3 and Q4

July means it’s time to plan the Q3 and Q4

It starts with a plan, my retailer friends. 

Just last week, our Retailer’s Inner Circle sat down for a 3-hour strategic Q3 and Q4 planning session. It sounds intense, but it’s really not because a quarter is only 90 days! I meet many brick and mortar business owners who are just winging it and don’t bother to have a plan. SO let’s I’ll break down your Q3 into 5 major goals. Let’s go!

Q3 and Q4 Strategic Planning

Here’s the quick 13-minute Facebook live.


Need the next step in your retail business?

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You are running a real business. 

You are a retailer and an entrepreneur doing all the hard work. This is not a hobby store and you aren’t just playing arts and crafts. I want to encourage you to continue to follow you passion and be successful. 

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Running a retail business doesn’t have to be so hard, you’ve got this!

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