FEBRUARY 23, 2021

Replay from February 23, 2021 group call!
Such a great turnout and conversations/questions everyone!
Should we continue with 2x a month QnA group calls? Let me know your thoughts. Are they helpful to you?
We touched on the following plus other topics:
  • feeling like you are ready to close/sell is it, a few questions to ask yourself
  • how to move on with customers and not let them monopolize all your time
  • some things to consider with your bookkeeper
  • attracting new customers when its slow
Let’s continue the conversation here in the group!
I’ll put together some scripts/mini session to help with moving on from customers when/if needed next month.
Watch as well for a future session on how to make sure you business is best prepared for selling/closing. Even if you think you will never sell, it’s good to be in the position to do so if ever needed.

FEBRUARY 9, 2021

Replay from February 9, 2021 group call!
Such a great turn out, such great help for one another! It was so great to see everyones smiling faces!
I wish I had saved the chat, but many of you were commenting on how you needed to hear some of this, and on how grateful you were for the support you were all giving one another. Thank you everyone who shared questions, stories, and advice with others.
Please be sure to continue to reach out, ask questions, don’t stay stuck!

JANUARY 12, 2021

Replay from January 12, 2021 group call!
Great conversation everyone!
Thank you for attending and sharing your great experiences and advice.
One topic we covered is what to think about social media trends right now (thoughts on customers exciting etc).

DECEMBER 8, 2020

Replay from our last 2020 group call!
Thanks so much for everyone who participated, asked questions, shared advice!

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Replay from our monthly meeting November 17th
Love that so many of you joined us and shared questions and support for one another!
Such a great conversation today.
It’s been a weary year, you are all doing so well, reach out and get any support you need!
We’re in this together!

OCTOBER 13, 2020

Replay from our monthly meeting October 13th
Great call everyone – thank you!
Some topics:
  • Plaid Friday – how to get your community involved and some great tips on how some members are building connections/events locally
  • Simple bundles that are selling well for some
  • Making your e-commerce experience mimic your shop experience for added sales
  • Where/how are you splitting your time/energy online vs in store
  • and more..

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Replay of our LIVE call September 15th.
Thank you for those who join us.
Discussions included
  • making/selling DIY kits
  • hiring
  • profits first
  • inventory
  • more
Watch for a survey on the FB page about upcoming content.
Watch for an opportunity to win some Inner Circle swag and a “mystery box” every month – and opportunities to get your shop promoted on my podcast and website! 🙌


Click HERE to view the replay of our LIVE training call with financial expert, April Stroink.


April shares the principals behind the Profits First system and how shifting our mindset helps. It is something I wish I started years ago, most especially with my retail business. 100% worth what seems like an effort up front to start it.


We have implemented this in 2 of our businesses and it’s like a wave of ease has come over us and for the first time in 30 years of running businesses my hubby is 100% involved in the day to day expenses and you will find us high-fiving when we save money or get a good deal.


If you have ever heard me coach about money before- I always say EVERY % COUNTS, increase your profit margin by just 1% or decrease an expense 1% that is 2% MONEY FOR YOU!


I’m tired of seeing entrepreneurs not pay themselves a living wage and working SO HARD, so I really wanted you to meet April.


YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE HER COURSE or HIRE HER, you can do it alone, following the book and there are TONS of resources on this site too:


I encourage you to read (or listen) to the book if you are curious about this way of running your businesses.
The 5 bank accounts is no big deal, I thought it would be – its not.
Even my bookkeeper is like “ya, no problem” it’s just a wee bit of work up front.
Tell me what you thought of this session- I really want to know! 💰💰


Click HERE to view the recording of our BONUS Holiday Prep Bootcamp Recap Call.
This was our Live brainstorming and QnA session last August 25th where we brainstormed YOUR holiday ideas for workshops, events and marketing! 


AUGUST 11, 2020

Replay of our LIVE call August 11th.
Thank you for those who were able to participate.
Great conversation this month.
I also answered some questions on:
  • a FB tip we should all be doing
  • a reminder of the importance to brand yourself not your product lines
  • reminder why your contracts matter and something to watch for with some big brands
  • shipping station tips
  • email list reminder
  • boundaries vs customer service
  • why Holiday prep is crucial
  • At the end I offered to do some social media/website reviews for a few retailers, post your FB page below if you would like me to have a peek at your social. I’ll do around 5 and I’ll record these and share the reviews soon.


JULY 14, 2020

Here’s the recording from our Live QnA Group call July 14th.
Thank you to those who were able to make it and for sharing.



Here is the video from the Q3 Strategy call on Tuesday. Thank you to those of you who participated – what a fabulous turnout.
I would love to know if you find/found this valuable, what your takeaways are and if its helpful?🙏
If there are parts you need support with – reach out,, if we have trainings already in the group we will link you up.
NOW….I forgot to hit record on the first 5 mins 🙃 are my notes on the questions I posed for the first 5 mins.

Planning Q3


To leave with a plan and ask for help where you need it. Stay accountable.


Look back last quarter… important to look back.
Don’t should have all over yourself.
Did you make your revenue and profit goals?
Reminder sales does not = profits.
What are you proud of?
What felt heavy and hard?
What felt good?
What worked?
What didn’t?
What are your customer’s saying? Are you listening?
Remember to differentiate between must dos and nice to dos
We make promise and keep them to other people but not ourselves – make a promise here to yourself.
We’re not good or bad business people, your numbers are metrics/math. Remove the emotion and its just data.
Looking ahead…
2 situations to consider right now:
  1. What you may need to be doing right now to continue to survive and thrive.
  2. What you need to do to be prepared for continued recession
How do you want to FEEL Sep 30th?



  1. What revenue do we need for Q3 to keep the lights on?
Do you know that number?
Do we have a handle on your finances right now? There is power in knowing your numbers.
Balance sheet – balance sheet – balance sheet
If this makes you squirm – its ok – one of your actions
Recession coming – reminder to watch spending.
Revenue goals for the quarter.
  • Breakdown what you need
  • What you want to do

JUNE 9, 2020

Live QnA Group call June 9th – replay can be found HERE
Thank you to those who were able to make it and for sharing.

JANUARY 21, 2019

Replay from last nights meeting.
Thank you to those who were able to make it and for sharing.

We will move the meetings to daytime as it seemed so many find evenings hard for most.

We chatted about where to find things in the library.
I’m “bugging” you to keep at your 2019 plan if you have stopped. If you are stuck let me know and we can push through.

A few tips on how to get people in your store and use a TV gig for promotions

Stacey Hickey Allgood I chat a bit about finding that ideal client.

Risa Getman shares some luck/love from Amy Cseh‘s FB course, and we chat about the personal brand(making a connection) with her awesome videos.

Deb requested more hot seats, and they are coming back in February, and we will also have a spreadsheet in the files section with all membres and their stores so you can all find one another (great idea Deb)

DECEMBER 10, 2018

Replay of today’s LIVE call
Thank you to those that joined us, I know everyone is busy!

-I cover a little about my beliefs of what it takes to be a successful retailer, I hate the word hustle for one.

– we talk about the difference in my free group (where I share what should be done) vs this group (where I share HOW) lol

– guilt free zone here in this group, don’t get overwhelmed, take what you need at the time you need it, ask and reach out. This is a great community.

– Where to start – start with the painted picture
– Use the “search this group” function for keywords to your questions, workshops, makers day, facebook etc you may find what you are looking for right off the bat
– I send weekly recaps via email to make it easy to not miss key things, no scrolling forever through the group, pop in and check out what’s new when you have time

– I answered questions about workshops timing/makers days/ mailchimp/ email/ and ALWAYS take full payment for workshops 

– remember I will be on live every day this week if you have ANY questions. #10in10 at 10 EST daily Tuesday – Friday

NOVEMBER 19, 2018

A replay of our LIVE November Q&A from the 19th
Great turnout, thanks for sharing everyone.

For some reason, this was deleted this week during FB’s weirdness this past week, sorry.

Topics discussed:
-How to deal with the overwhelm going on right now
-Remember we “choose to do this, we don’t have to”
-Small Business Saturday
-Having a partnership
-Listen at 25:00 mark where Amy shares how she turned a bad Friday night turn out into a smashing sales success on Saturday. You can use this tip today.
-I have an ask at 34:45 looking for any video testimonials if you would be interested in helping me.

Check it out HERE

OCTOBER 15, 2018

A replay of our live call today.
Thanks for those of you that were able to join us.
Is there a better time to do lives for you on Monday? 

We chatted about FB and again why it’s important to post, what to post,Amy Cseh is going to come on and share some FB Ads and more deep dive with us soon (I’ll announce the date and time soon) and more.

Check it out HERE

JULY 10, 2018

GUYS – check out this fabulous RETAILER SPOTLIGHT with Christie Carter-Tokairin it’s SO GOOD! See how you CAN run a creative retail business, do the parts your love, with balance AND have your hubby work with you – so inspiring!!

Check it out HERE

JUNE 4, 2018

Live QnA’s and a discussion on prepping for unforeseen events in our business.

MARCH 19, 2018

Live QnA Group call Mar 19th – replay can be found HERE


JANUARY 28, 2019

I did a few HOT SEATS this week

Suggestions are just that, from I am seeing working for other retailers, and in the industry. Take suggestions or leave them 

Watching hot seats can help you see what you should check on your store FB and website as well.

Feel free to add any suggestions for these folks as well, things you see I may have missed or things that are working for you.

Overall remember we want to see more of YOU in your branding, make sure location is clear and present and it’s clear what you do and be easily found every time.

You can never have enough from inside your your stores, get people wanting to come in! 


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