Figuring out how to run your retail business can be hard.


Strengthen your retail business, stay up to date on industry news, and build connections within our supportive group. 

Now, more than ever before in this ever-changing retail climate retailers need to be have a healthy and strong business.

Learn what’s working, what’s not, and how to run a thriving retail business.

Stop juggling all the balls, winging it, and hoping for customers. Plan for it.

Our community and coaching will help you with the overwhelm of running your business.

The Retailer’s Inner Circle is the place to get the information specific to your shop’s business, and the support from peers and coaches.  

Stop being a solopreneur winging it. 

Inside is a great group of real retailers doing what you are doing, and serious about growing a profitable and successful business.

Want to learn what’s working for OTHER shop owners so you are constantly seeing fresh ideas instead of being stuck?

Want to just leapfrog and stop googling retail advice?

Join us in the Retailer’s Inner Circle. 


Searching for the right answers?

This is where you go when you are done Googling!

Real help for real shop owners.

If you’re like many shop owners I work with, you’ve gone online for business information or support,  but the info you find doesn’t apply to a physical brick and mortar store that’s for a passion-driven retail shop. 

You may be searching for help and answers because …

You’re heart centered first

But now you’re “the boss”!

You started with a beautiful dream, and now you’re the “boss” of this cool business you want to see grow and thrive. But the “business stuff” isn’t your thing and you know you need guidance to get it right. You know you need to put on the CEO hat and dive in…but how?

You’re not hitting or exceeding your retail sales numbers. (Or maybe you’re not sure what they SHOULD be.)

You need more foot traffic for sales! But wonder how to get results. (There’s SO MUCH competing information out there on what you SHOULD do and where you SHOULD get info).

You're looking for an easier way

You just don’t have time to plan things.

I mean, who has the time when you’re running the store, planning events and workshops, ordering inventory, stocking shelves, smiling, and cleaning and serving your customers? Phew.  Deep down, you know there must be an easier way, and planning for profits is the only way to make them.

You spend more time playing catch-up and dealing with the day-to-day issues in your business than you spend on planning for profits. 

Your marketing is a little messy ...

Strategy? What strategy?

You have difficulty organizing and timing your marketing, sales, and promotion plan for maximum impact and you don’t know what you should do or what is working.

You put off planning promotional calendars or sales plans because you’re overwhelmed.

You feel isolated and aren’t being held accountable for hitting and exceeding your sales goals — it’s a little lonely running your business.

You wish you had like-minded support and go-to guidance to build a thriving business, but none of your friends even “get” what you do. They clock into their jobs and leave. Being a creative retailer and store owner is a weird thing to them.

You love your brick-and-mortar store but you feel it’s A LOT, and you know it can be better!

Ready for a community custom-made for you?

Retailer's Inner Circle

We know what it’s like to be a passionate shop owner.

We’ve realized most brick-and-mortar stores want to learn and grow their business through these uncertain times. No wasted time, no overwhelm, just education and a community of like-minded retailers who “GET” them.

We are a NICHE, a one-of-a-kind community for action-taking brick-and-mortar only. 

You won’t be overwhelmed with people from everywhere doing all the things.

This is a dedicated group of passionate retailers running brick-and-mortar retail shops. We understand creative, passion-filled dreamers and doers.  We get that you may have started with a big dream and now are running this crazy beautiful maybe messy business.

The Retailer’s Inner Circle monthly coaching group is a first-of-its-kind experience combining coaching, training, and community support led by retailer and retailer mentor and strategist, Wendy Batten, who has years of relevant experience in the trenches and as an industry expert.

We’d like YOU to join our small monthly coaching group specifically made for


Did you know?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, half of all non-mentored small businesses fail within their first five years? And even then, only 30% of them make it to the ten-year mark. But for small business owners with an advisor or mentor, the difference is striking: 70% of those small businesses that work with an advisor survive: double the rate for un mentored small businesses. 

I know I, for one, only saw growth once I started working with a coach and mentors and invested in myself and my business. I continue to work daily with coaches. It’s imperative to keep up with business development and, as an entrepreneur, personal development for our business and life’s well being. 

Member Benefits

Members of the Retailer’s Inner Circle get exclusive access to all this:

Marketing and Biz Support

Weekly marketing activities to get customers in the door and coming back.

A Supportive Community

You’ll join an amazing group of like-minded and heart-centered business owners working together on the same journey as you. All at the ready to support you and encourage you

Monthly Roundtables

The Retailer’s Round Table brings our members together each month to chat about their businesses and about industry issues.Together,  we strategize ways to move our businesses forward. Retailers love these sessions!

Monthly Biz and Marketing Playbook

Members-only access to a one of a kind retail monthly dashboard tool to help you plan marketing and business goals while staying on track and focused.

Monthly Business Support

Monthly focus support/training for your business. We’ll help you focus your time on the right thing for the right stage of your business. Occasional special guests, new training, and support! 

Special Activities

Seasonal challenges, boot camps and special events to keep you fresh and up to date on what’s working in the retail world

Plus, BONUS access to the Members-Only Library, AND my signature course Retail Made Simple

Find helpful information for any stage of retail business, ready for you when you’re ready to learn.

In our Member’s Headquarters, you’ll find the resource library which has tools, tips and tricks, video sessions, and more. Neatly organized to take what you need when you need it. We cover all aspects of running a profitable creative retail business and help you design a business that works for you.

Success Path - Retail Made Simple with Wendy Batten

This is not a course. No keeping up. No falling behind.

Take what you need to make the progress you want to make WHEN you need it.

What’s included when you join us:

Here’s how we will support you.

  • Private Community filled with only brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Monthly Members Only Roundtable and Progress sessions (a members’ fav)
  • Immediate access to all masterclasses and resources, downloads, and templates
  • Access to ask and get answers about your business growth!
  • Weekly marketing and sales prompts
  • Monthly “open office” coaching hours – come ask anything!
  • Member favourite: One-of-a-kind monthly dashboard – track and know what to do when and get templates and prompts for your marketing this month!
  • Invites to special events and expert guests

NEW Full access to Retail Made Simple  – the success path course created just for independent shop owners

Hear what members are saying …

Lifesaver -

My promise to you …

I’ve got you.

This is a monthly mentoring group, you will be billed monthly and you can cancel anytime. 

I’m committed to helping you go from messy to thriving and see the success you want! Think of me as the guide. I’ll show you the way and give you the tools,, but you have to commit to the journey as well.

Our monthly membership provides flexibility for those who want to test us out or are curious if it’s right for them. Cancel any time before your membership renews to avoid being charged.

If you love a great deal and you’re committed to making long-term changes in your business, we recommend our annual membership to get the best bang for your buck!

No risk and no contract.

*Everything is recorded if you can’t join us live. We understand your busy business needs!


Hi, I’m Wendy Batten, a big champion for independent shop owners.

I created The Inner Circle to help

I’ve been there. Running myself into the ground putting out fires and wondering what the heck I’m doing. Loving the creative side of my business, but feeling lost in the daily to-dos of running my brick and mortar and wondering why my bank balance isn’t yielding what my efforts felt like they should. Along the way, I asked for help and started learning how to plan for success. I built my business up and it thrived. I created the Retailers Inner Circle because I wanted to create a shortcut for shop owners, so they would not have to figure it out alone.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and now I am honored to spend my days working with shop owners all over the world. Helping them uncomplicate their business and go from messy to thriving.

I hope you’ll join us. 

“As a business owner, there are so many groups and courses available to us for continuing education that it’s hard to choose which is a good fit for us.  Being a brick and mortar shop owner is a unique position and requires the knowledge and guidance of someone that has gone before you and knows where the challenges and pitfalls lie.  I have found that in all of the information that I have consumed from Wendy Batten. 

I have learned real actionable techniques that have translated into instant cash in my bank and we have been experiencing our biggest sales numbers in years.  Being an accidental shopkeeper, I need experience mentors that have been through this before and I have found this in Wendy.”


Owner, Schoolhouse Salvage

The Inner Circle is full of independent shop owners who are focused on taking action… not just consuming content

Don’t wait.

If you want business success, stop doing it alone, leapfrog with others, and support. Why wait for that?

I PROMISE you it will be helpful info are not overwhelming and that will move your business forward. There’s SO much info coming at us lately, I want the Inner Circle to be easy for you – precise info in a community of quality respectful, helpful, smart retailers.  

It is my intention to keep this group intimate enough that my team and I can get to know all the retailers and their stores. You won’t get lost in a sea of thousands of people, I pinky swear.

I truly believe – from the bottom of my heart that this Inner Circle is going to help move your business forward. Don’t take just my word for it, see the testimonials and stories from retailers just like you who have had great success in business since joining. Retailers who work hard and implement the RIGHT things in their business see results. 

Together we can achieve great things,

without all the overwhelm.


“Budgeting & Planning My Way To Freedom!”

This is what I learned from Wendy and her amazing course! Her style and commitment to helping shop owners with simple clear information helped me get our acts together, get organized, get planning and kill it for the Holiday Season – it was invaluable! I can’t even put into words how happy I am that I signed up for this course!

Don’t even wait, do it!! You will see too why it will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself and your business!


“One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!”

I am amazed and so impressed by you and the way you’ve set up this course to make sense and meet us where we are, also how you have gotten to know each of your members so well – huge gratitudeHUGE ROI.

Owner, The Hare & The Heart

"Bite size smart and helpful business information"

I love that Wendy delivers information from a retailer perspective backed by hands-on experience. I benefited from her business foundational blocks and insights. It’s a common sense approach that’s doable and realistic. 

I like having a plan to follow to move my business forward.  Visioning where I am going is so important and Wendy breaks this down into manageable steps.
Wendy is the real deal. She cares about her groups, works hard to keep current and share relevant information, understands the needs of the small business, and continuously provides straightforward, on-point resources that will assist in moving our businesses forward if commit to implementing these strategies. Do not hesitate to join.

Owner, Louisville Mercantile

"Made all the difference in the world"

“I can’t TELL you just how much this course meant to me. I was SO overwhelmed by ‘all of the things‘ required to run a successful shop and I really feel that this course made all the difference in the world in helping me to make my business a success.”


Still wondering if the Inner Circle is right for you?

  • If you are a brick and mortar or studio owner, passionate about what you sell and who you serve, selling beautiful goods, giftware, items, teaching workshops, doing custom work, vintage and/or creative items in a retail environment. This is for you.
  • If you want to grow your business by design, not by default, with ease and a plan in place for profits – this is for you.
  • If you are a beginner in your retail business, have had your store for a few years, and are ready or want some more structure and community support to help you level up, or if you are ready to scale to multiple stores, or expand. There are topics for all. This is for you.
  • If you’re passionate and love your business and know you need to learn or level up  “all the business stuff” – this is for you.
  • If you want to learn more about sales and marketing, social media, how to get people in the door, or  bums in seats for workshops, policies and procedures, merchandising, trends, advertising, financials, how to grow, and what to do to get to the next step and all things a retailer needs to know? This is for you.  

If any of the above describes you…we’re your people.

Imagine a life with less stress and more profits and surrounded by a supportive community.


Curious about what’s possible?

Wow! The best money I have ever spent on business development. What I have learned and implemented from this group has had and will continue to have positive impacts on my business for years to come.


The Vintage Nest Home and Gifts

I’ve been really encouraged and energized by talking to other retailers in this group. The people you draw into the group are caring and leave their egos at the front door. Don’t hesitate, you will really find good people here. Willing to share what they know and to help each other, to make retail a better experience for everyone.

Mrs Blackwell's Village Bookshop

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I join?

You will receive an email with a login to our membership portal. We have a new member section to help you get started and a few fun surprises for you.

Who will I meet inside the Retailer’s inner Circle?

So many amazing independent shop owners. Brick-and-mortar shops running their businesses with heart and passion. Most of our shop owners opened their business from a passion or hobby turned beautiful storefront business. Specialty shop owners such as record shops, lifestyle shops, book stores, chocolate shops, vintage and antique stores, yarn shops, pottery studios, gift and clothing stores, home decor boutiques, DIY creative paint shops and studios, fabric shops, bead store and we even have a kawaii shop owner. We all learn from each other. 


Who is this for?

 If you own or manage a local, independent retail business > you belong in the Inner Circle! This program is ideal for you if you own and are passionate about your products and services and own one or more of the following: an independent local retail store, a studio or workshop, a pop-up retail location, or a mobile retail business. This is not a program for influencers, online-only stores, or B2B associations.

How does billing work?

You will be charged the tuition fee today and then the current monthly recurring rate every month automatically until you cancel. You can cancel your monthly fee anytime. No commitment to stay (but you’re going to want to hang out). Your membership rate will stay at your current rate as long as you are a member in good standing. 

How much time will it require - I’m already so busy!

Glad you asked! Our mission is to help create MORE freedom and time for you. Membership is like a gym. You will get what you put into it. Joining won’t guarantee a healthier business. Taking action will. That takes some intentional work – however, you WILL find more freedom of time as you put pieces into practice. “Get stronger business bits”. I would recommend joining the Live Roundtables, and also taking time to identify what areas of your business you want to work on, and committing a little time each week to that. 

What if my competitor joins?

As brick-and-mortar small business owners, we believe we really only have three competitors- online, the big boxes, and our customer’s time. To succeed in the small business community, it’s important to look for opportunities to collaborate, not compete.  We believe there’s plenty of business for everyone! 

I have another question, how can I get an answer?

Reach out to [email protected] any time.


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