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Taking Care of Your Business in Uncertain Times



Here are the resources we mentioned during the workshop:


Things to consider about your retail business AFTER the Coronavirus

There’s no doubt that life and retail business will be different after this pandemic is over and behind us. I’ve been talking with many brick and mortar shop owners about the positive changes we will see in our customers’ buying habits and what things will look like on the other side. There are silver linings! Click here to listen to this podcast. 

After Coronavirus … What will be on the Other Side for Retail Business_ Episode 9 Creative Shop Talk



How to Navigate through the Next 8 Weeks as a Creative Retailer

The next few weeks are going to be tricky for business owners facing this COVID-19 pandemic. Many non-essential retail businesses have been forced to shut down and will struggle to pay their expenses, especially payroll, rent, etc. In this podcast, I wanted to help you get a game plan for the next 8 weeks in your brick and mortar business. This means taking a hard look at finances, bills, inventory and having a contingency plan so your business can survive.

I have good news: there are great stories of communities and businesses rallying together to figure things out. I put together a few resources for you to get started. It’s going to be okay! Click here to listen to this podcast



Add New Revenue Streams for your Brick and Mortar for 2020

The Coronavirus shutdowns are forcing brick and mortar businesses to adapt to serving customers with no foot traffic. This blog post I wrote dives in into extra channels to help your creative retail shop bring in revenue.  Don’t leave money on the table! Click here to read this article. 



How to Start Using Facebook Lives to Promote Your Creative Shop

You know I work with creative retailers wanting to promote their retail businesses. They KNOW marketing is important but a major pushback is that many of them are afraid to go live on Facebook. I hear it every day. So I want to help you get past that, because if you can talk to a customer in your store… you can talk to a customer online. Click here to get tips for going live on Facebook.




10 Simple CEO Habits for Creative Shop Owners

This right here is how you’re going to get your retail business through to the other side: YOU ARE GOING TO THINK AND ACT LIKE A CEO OF YOUR BUSINESS. Click here to read + download my 10 CEO habits that lead to success.




Tips for Retail Businesses during Quarantine

I know we’ve been talking a lot about what’s been going on with the Coronavirus, and how it’s affecting our businesses, but I wanted to take some time to talk to you about what you can do about it. Yes, you can do all kinds of things to come out on the other side of this with a business intact, and even thriving! Let’s dive right in with some tips for retail business during quarantine. Click here to read.

Tips for Retail Businesses during Quarantine Wendy Batten




If you need support with your business, there are 3 ways we can work together:


1. Monthly Coaching Group for Creative Retailers:

Our monthly coaching group The Paintpreneur’s Inner Circle is monthly group coaching for a low cost but with big help. It’s an intimate community of creative shop owners coming together to help one another succeed, we offer weekly tools, resources and support. Click here to learn more and sign up.


2. Online Course that Teaches Retail Business Foundations

Didn’t go to business school but you’re running a business? Realizing you need foundation work in your business? My very popular 4-week retail foundations course, the Success Path for Creative Shop Owners, is opening soon. Tired of winging it and the overwhelm? In The Success Path For Creative Shop Owners we cover the foundations of being the “boss” or the CEO, financial for retailers, sales and marketing, systems and planning. Click here to learn more and sign up for the waitlist.


3. Personal & Private One-on-One Coaching:

I work one-on-one as a mentor and business coach helping you with your business strategy and tactics to move your business forward. Click here to sign up for private coaching.





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