Want 2020 to be better than last year for your retail business?

Join me for a 3-part mini assessment of your retail business

No matter what stage you are in your business, you’ll want to assess your business foundations. understand key areas to improve and key action steps to run a profitable and successful retail business in 2020.

What: It’s a Retail Report Card to evaluate the business health of your store and understand what you need to fix in 2020.

Who: Shop owners who own & run a brick & mortar business, essentially the creatives who need help with the business side of their shop

When: Jan. 3 & 4 at 9am and Jan. 5 at 7pm est. It’s the beginning of a new year and new season, aka perfect time to really plan the year for your biz.

Where: Live on Facebook, I’ll send the details and if you can’t be there live, I’ll send you the replays and my tips from each lesson


Watch for a chance to win a seat to my upcoming The Success Path to Creative Shop Talk. 

Let’s take your creative retail business seriously, and start managing it like a business. Just enter your email below and I’ll include you in the assessment.

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