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I’m often asked to share my business tools and resources with others. It’s a pleasure to help other creative brick-and-mortar business owners grow their businesses. Owning my own retail business, franchising it, teaching thousands of workshops, coaching hundreds of retailers, and working in group coaching and one on one with so many retailers I have a few tools in my bag I would love to share with fellow business owners. I will continue to add to this list over time. This list does contain some affiliate links (but just a few) these are all products I personally use, or my retailer clients use and recommend.

They have all helped me run my business more efficiently so that I can spend my time doing other things like growing my retail business. Trying to save you time and energy from searching – you are busy enough right?



You can check out my Amazon Store and other faves here




I LOVE zoom for recording how-to videos and having guests on my FB page live, it’s easy for the non tech peeps like me

You NEED a website and you will need to have it hosted someplace, I have used Bluehost since I started my first website

Planner Pad – MY hands down favourite planner for those creative squirrel brains. Ever.  It helps those of us juggling multiple things coming at us, including home life. I love and use the executive spiral.
MacBook Pro – I could not work without a powerful computer.
Americal Express for business expenses – great points rewards YOU can use!
For voice memos and text-based communications with your team.

The best task management tool for projects and team assignments

To keep all your schedules in order

Many clients use Eventbrite for all workshop scheduling and payments

We recommend and love Convert Kit and its ease of use and value.

A great payment option for setting up eCommerce products.

iPad / iPhone Holder

Light Box for a Photo Shoot

Flexible Tripod

ARKON Camera Stand

 I love a wall calendar!
Light Ring – For great lighting for your FB lives and demos I love this light
Light Ring – For great lighting for your FB lives and demos I love this light
Planner Pad
Apple iMac


For EASY scheduling all my Pinterest Posts – a must

IG scheduling, takes some getting used to but makes planning easy

Use FB’s own scheduling tool for all your FB post scheduling

for graphics, I mostly use Canva now as I love it’s vast library of templates (done for you)

 Linktree for Instagram linking – direct to your website or workshops or a product for sale, I have used the pro version for 6$ a month, but the free version is just fine.

Streamyard – for professional-looking FB lives and the ability to stream live to more than one platform


ROLLO Label Printer

Digital Shipping Scale

Thermal Label Printer


Muddarittaville Stencils

Great quality stencils everytime from Joanne

Looking for wood cutouts for workshops Jill is US based and fabulous

Great wood cutouts and more Ron is a fabulous supplier in Canada (ships worldwide)

Funky Junk Old sign Stencils

I just love the quality and style of Donna’s stencils


I love my friend Rachel’s FB course, if you are looking for FB growth this is the course.
If you want to start a recurring revenue stream, a subscription box or membership site for your store you HAVE to take my coach Stu’s course. Only open once a year in Spring.
Grab his free guide to membership sites here


by Jeff Shaw
This is Marketing
by Seth Godin
Building a Story Brand – Donald Miller
Profit First
by Mike Michalowicz
byGreg Mckeown
The ONE Thing
by Gary Keller
Fix This Next
by Mike Michalowicz
The E-Myth Revisited
by Michael E. Gerber

by Pat Flynn

Jeff Shaw's Self Employed Life

Self Employed Life
by Jeffrey Shaw

Who Not How
by Benjamin Hardy

Nordstrom Way

The Nordstrom Way
by Robert Spector & Patrick McCarthy


A Year of Yes
by Shonda Rhimes

Jeff Shaw's Self Employed Life

Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Jeff Shaw's Self Employed Life

by Greg McKeown

Jeff Shaw's Self Employed Life

You are a Badass at Making Money
by Jen Sincero


The Big Leap
by Gay Hendricks



JOY – Life Lessons From a Tuscan Villa
by Debbie Travis


Four Thousand Weeks – Time Management for Mortals
by Oliver Burkeman


by Rick Steves


Coming Soon!

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