Are you a creative shop owner struggling to run profitable workshops or maybe you are frustrated with low registrations and wondering how to better market your workshops? You know workshops can be a great revenue stream for your creative business and you LOVE sharing your creative passion and introducing your wonderful products to your community. You’re rocking the creative side in your business, but it’s time to get your business to the next level.

Running a retail business or creative studio is HARD. Planning successful workshops that bring in paying clients AND making sales is IMPERATIVE for your shop’s bottom line.


This is how to plan & run popular, profitable workshops and classes that sell out, get you clients, and earn extra revenue for your shop

… this quick on demand course is going to make all the difference in your business’ revenue!

ONLY $97

What would it feel like to …

  • Not be guessing whether your workshops are making money 
  • Have DIY workshops and classes are that profitable?
  • Have your workshops completely sell out… EVERY TIME?
  • Have confidence that the classes you offer are what customers WANT?
  • Feel organized and be scheduled in advance?
  • Have a marketing plan for every event?
  • Be able to share your creative passion with customers?

It’s all possible with: DIY Workshops for Retailers. I’ll show you how!

Awesome training. I have some work to do. Love this workshop course

Jeff Lee

Owner, Vintage Nest

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have figured out the lack of “bums in seats” problem I am having.

Kirsten Seely Wood

Owner, The Wooden Butterfly

About Wendy and her workshop experience…

Profitable workshops are possible. I opened my creative retail business, Front Porch Mercantile because I loved painting, DIYing, and teaching others to paint and create. It filled my happy bucket as a creative but I wasn’t nailing the business side of things … at first. 

I spent the first few years running my shop on a wing and prayer, trying to fill workshop seats and do “all the things” store owners need to do. I ran my store all day and taught classes at night, making samples and trying to input items online when I could get around to it, hoping and praying next week’s class would fill. It wasn’t until I put systems in place that I shifted my workshop success, sold-out workshops, and confidently made money with them.  After paint sales, my shop’s workshop revenue was the 2nd highest revenue stream. Once I was able to figure out how to make them profitable (and get bums in seats) I became reliant on my workshop revenue.

I’ve now taught over 2400 students in my workshops and my years of retail experience, lead me to become a retailer trainer for three major paint lines and work as a consultant for many in the industry and now coach hundreds of shop owners all over the world. 

Let me share my successful workshop knowledge with you!!

DIY Workshops for Retailers is your solution!

Here’s what it includes:

Three easy and quick online video trainings where I share my years of knowledge covering:

Planning & Pricing, Maximizing Attendance

Marketing and Promoting your workshops

Best Practices for Hosting, Wowing and Delighting Customers 

Done-for-You Workshop Planning Template – rinse and repeat workshop system, to make sure you stay organized and prepared every time

Done-for-you Workshop Costing Template – to make sure you make money every time

***Bonus Training –  How to Host and Teach Large Groups and Workshops

100% online – learn at your own pace



a $99 Value

My Marketing Checklist for Workshops – everything you need to remember to promote your workshops


4 Benefits of hosting profitable workshops in your

retail store or DIY studio:


Build your business’s reputation and become the go-to for workshops in your community

Product Confidence

Your customers will become more knowledgeable about the products you offer with hands-on experience

Added Revenue

Running profitable workshops can be a key rvenue stream for your creative business from workshops and after class sales



Build your community, create  loyal customers and raving fans

After taking DIY Workshops for Retailers

You will be able to:

  • Increase your workshop enrollments
  • Confidently price your workshops so you stay in the black
  • Efficiently schedule workshops
  • Effectively promote and plan your advertising
  • Make extra income with post-workshop paint sales
  • Create raving, loyal super fans
  • Boost your social media presence
  • Choose the right workshops for your clientele

Are you ready to experience more “bums in seats” for your next workshops?

Get started today for my special price of only $97


Have questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers have asked asked, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at [email protected] 


Who is this course for?
Shop Owners, paint retailers, DIY studio owners and creative workshop leaders. Store owners wanting to shift their business to the next level. Creative store owners and studio owners who need help with workshop revenue. 
When will I receive the Course?
Immediately after payment, you will receive access to the course. I know you are busy. All the modules for DIY Workshops for Retailers series,  will be available online for you to watch when and where you want them. Our step-by-step videos are broken down, designed to be easily digested and immediately put into action. The lessons will be easy to watch while you are painting or unpacking your new paint order!
I'm not sure I can afford it.

You can’t afford not to, for the cost of one workshop attendee will cover the cost of the course. It’s not a cost, it’s an investment in your business and the potential for you to make even more revenue with your business and build your brand. I’ve kept the price super low as I am committed to helping retailers succeed. 

Success Stories


Thanks for this workshop course Wendy, I’m doing everything the opposite of what I should (and used) to do.

Jayne Ann

Owner, Chalk Mercantile

This workshop series was so great,  I had a fantastic Mother’s Day workshop and my customers loved it and it was incredibly profitable. I’m full of ideas on how to grow my next workshops.

Julie Flood

Owner, Troupes Vintage


Don’t wait another second to make it your store’s reality!

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