Knowing Your Business Stage is Key to Reaching Retail Success | Episode 34

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The Big Takeaway:

While there isn’t a map for running a successful retail shop, understanding which stage you’re at in your journey can help you make decisions to get to the next level.


Episode Summary:

“The map is not the territory.” Meaning, the path is not reflected realistically on paper.

There are twists, turns, and bumps in the road to success. 

As a retailer, you know starting and running a creative business is anything but running down a simple checklist one-by-one.

While there isn’t necessarily a map to get from point A to point B, there is value in understanding where you’re at with your business to more easily take the steps to get where you want to go.

And there is tremendous value in having a community that has already walked the path at your side. In the Inner Circle group coaching community, we spend a lot of time focused on the tactics important to each member’s stage step-by-step.

So, my friend, I want you to take a breath and embrace where you are on the journey. 

Embrace that things are not linear. 

Let go of that anxiety and stress that has your shoulders up at your ears thinking you need to know what happens in the next six steps. 

I hope this episode provides you that little “a-ha” or some sense of relief.

Come share your journey with us in the Rockstar Creatives FB community and if you’re ready for more resources and support, get on the waitlist for the Inner Circle opening soon!

Knowing Your Business Stage is Key to Reaching Retail Success Wendy Batten Creative Shop Talk Episode 34
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Topics Discussed:

  • How to look at your retail business and understand where you are on your retail business journey
  • The different areas to focus on depending on whether you’re in the startup stage, the middle “sweet spot,” or growth stage
  • The benefit of having a community of like-minded business owners to help give feedback and directions

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