Recently I’ve had to make some changes to my business model. Nothing major on the outside, but large mindset shifts have occurred. I have had a big overview and look at what I was doing and asked myself “WHY” I was doing this or that.

Questions came up, does it align with where I want to go, do I love it, is it profitable (reality is we sometimes do things we love but are not profitable), does this make me happy (an important and often underlooked question), how much time is this or that taking me, what am I NOT doing because I am doing this. So many questions.

I wear a lot of hats and as a creative, I bet you do too.

I’m a shop keeper, a workshop teacher, a furniture painter, a consultant for a couple of paint brands, a mentor and teacher and a coach. I help my husband with his service-based business, I blog, I import paint brushes, I teach and speak and work with retailer clients all over the world, and I love it all. I have staff and a team and a lot of balls in the air. When I sat down to look at 2019, and plan out my year, I realized as much as I loved almost all aspects of what I was doing, in order to serve my retailers, customers, and clients at my best, I had to go deeper with some, and set down some of those other balls.

I came to this realization mostly because of the advice and belief of others have in me.

you need great business friends that will challenge you to level up when you need to - advice from Wendy Batten, mentor and coach to creative retailers
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I have always, always believed in surrounding myself with people that are doing good things in the world. Positive, successful, happy people. I have also always tried to learn from those who are doing great things and are a level up from me, whether that was always conscious or not, I have always followed, looked up to and authentically befriended people who are doing good things in life.

I have a circle of people who challenge me to level up.

I’ve grown a community of coaches, business friends and (believe it or not) by my retailers and customers that push me and challenge me a lot.

You need these people in your life.

I hope you have them or can start making a point to find them, I’m not talking about people who just wish you well, and cheer you along (although those people are super important too) I’m talking about people who are coaches, mentors, people who SEE what you are capable of and have no doubts about your ability (even if you do) they push you to rise up to that level up and step into what you are capable of. Your higher purpose.Your ability to do the things you want to do in this world. They challenge you and have unwavering faith in you, even if you don’t believe them all the time lol. They usually make you squirm and get braver. Whatever that is for you, you need these people. 

These past few weeks, I have had many deep and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with my coaches, business colleagues I admire, a couple of mentors, my accountability partner, my customers, my business friends. These people have such strong belief in me at times, it’s humbling. I’ve been challenged to stop playing small in some areas, to be braver and show up in ways I feel compelled to for my retailers but limiting beliefs usually sneak in.  Their deep belief that I can do those things floor me at times. They have given me the confidence to be brave and set some of the big things down, and to be brave enough to level up on things I think will make a bigger impact for the creatives I serve.

So, some priorities have been set, some balls have been gently and loving set aside, I’m putting my brave girl pants on and leveling up in some areas.

I share all this, as I know there are others out there that need a mindset change, or a tribe to support them, to have people to believe in them. Look to the leaders in your field, find people who align with your beliefs, who are doing good things in good ways, people are where you hope to be sometime. You don’t need to hire them all or become besties overnight, follow them, learn from them. Reach out to local mentors, business friends doing good things, attend conferences, meet people. Be authentic, always, and give back to those behind you looking up to you. It takes time, but it’s so important to surround yourself with a tribe of people who support and believe in you. I believe in you, you can make any change you want in this world.

Do you have a tribe of people that challenge you and believe in you? I’d love to know how they have helped you. I love when you share comments.

Have a fabulous brave week friend!



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