Thanks to everyone who came to the Roundtable on Tuesday!

First of all, I wanted to remind you to watch the sales strategy sessions I’ve dropped in the group so far this month. The videos are short but important and EVERYONE can benefit from them. Schedule a little time and watch them as soon as you can!

We had great conversations in the meeting – enjoy the playback in case you missed it in person.

12:00 – the difference between value sharing and political statements
16:00 – Marketing strategy ideas for moving into a bigger space, numbers to know
29:00 – Karis’s great example of her branding statement and how she got there
37:30 – Google Business – What you need to update NOW
42:30 – Mid-Year Reviews – CST Podcast Episode 112 – What you need to be doing now to be ready for end of year
45:00 – What’s coming in the Inner Circle: The rest of the sales strategy series videos, new holiday bootcamp, session on revenue streams for seasonal shops/businesses

Masterclasses referenced in the meeting: Foot traffic, Branding, Google Business (available to ALL OF YOU now! – I linked them in the comments. You must be logged in to view them.)

Have a great day!

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