Woo Hoo summer is coming!

Maybe you are thinking you will slow down a little?

Just because your kids are off and it’s nice out, or you have lots of markets to do, and you want to just chill and step back, THIS IS NOT the time to take your foot of the gas in your business, just the opposite actually.

I’m not n advocate of hustling, hate that word actually, but, I am an advocate for staying the course and getting focused.

Going into 3rd quarter is the time to plan for the most profitable time of the year. The thing is, with planning you can still take time off and enjoy the summer while still making massive movements in your biz! I promise you any of my Bootcamp members from last summer will testify to this.

Better to be sitting on the porch sipping something cold in July doing your promotional calendar for Fall, or updating your website etc with a relaxed and clear brain than rushing and being stressed out playing catch up in September -TRUST ME! (I’ve been there).

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Now is the time to evaluate how your yeat is going, to do a mid-year strategic planning session,  to work on your time management, promotional calendars and plan your 4th quarter and to love on your customers that are coming in your doors, they still need you.

Let your competition take the summer off, you have a business to run. With good planning, you can have a fun, relaxing summer AND run your business I promise! When everyone gears back up and is in panic mode in the Fall, you will be enjoying a sweet stress-free 4th quarter.

Most years by June I get SO tired, and want to kind of check out and stop the madness for a bit, and when I did this I would find myself panicked and in the same stressed out place every Fall. With some coaching and some good practices, I learned to plan and schedule the time to move the needle, to do what needs to be done AND take some time off. You can too!

Here’s to a productive, profitable and still fun and relaxing summer ahead!

Happy to have you all here with me!


ps, I’d love to know what you are working on this summer in your business, just hit reply and tell me what you are working on, or wher you may be struggling, you are also welcome to join our FREE FB community of Rockstar Creatives group here. 








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