Multi-Passionate Jo Packham and The Creative Business Journey | Episode 106

Show Notes:

Where and What Women Create magazines have been a big influence in my world, and Jo Packham is the visionary behind them.

I can’t contain my excitement for this week’s episode! Leader and visionary, Jo Packham, has been such an inspiration to me from when I first started my business. Her magazines opened a whole new world of what’s possible for me, so this interview means the absolute world! I know you will love it too. 

Being in her 44th year of business, Jo has been through and seen a lot — she shares hard truths about her business journey and the rough road it can be. She started with a simple retail store creating beautiful, curated magazines that rank extremely well among the highest honored in both subscriptions and on newsstands. 

In this episode, we’ll discuss how Jo knew that the creative business life was for her and all of the ups and downs that come along with it. She’s built and fostered an amazing community of loyal customers (including me!), surrounded herself with trustworthy people, and shown strength and confidence in everything she does.

This is an episode you do NOT want to miss!

Wherever you are on your journey… Take Notes. Keep Notes. Take lots of pictures and travel safely.
– Jo Packham

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A Quick Glance:

[0:15] Intro

[0:59] Storytime

[2:21] Jo Packham’s business journey

[6:43] Magazines

[10:20] Non corporate life

[16:41] Community, partnerships, trust

[22:23] Creatives

[25:19] Bravery

[28:20] Jo’s studio

[34:16] Creatives running a business

[36:45] What’s next for Jo?

[40:03] Focus

[42:42] Giveaway!

[44:13] Funny story!


About Jo:

A leading innovator in the handmade publishing market for more than 43 years, Jo Packham is currently the creator/Editor-in-Chief of two best-selling magazines: WHERE WOMEN CREATE, Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women, and WHAT WOMEN CREATE, Inspiration for Your Imagination.

Connect with Jo here:
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Etsy

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