7 Strategies to Attract Foot Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar | Episode 31

7 Strategies to Attract Foot Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar | Episode 31

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As a store owner, booth space owner or studio owner, I know you want more sales and more customers. 

The answer is to be seen in your community.

I’m not talking about doing more Facebook here. 

My attraction marketing tactics are all about getting the attention of your local community and getting them to take action and walk through the doors of your store.

It’s a grassroots effort and it takes time, but it makes a difference because in the end small business owners support other small business owners.

After you’ve listened to these seven tactics please pop over to the Rockstars Creative Shop Owners Community to share which two tactics you’re going to implement right away! If you need help taking action and accountability, I encourage you to get on the waitlist for my Creative Retailer’s Inner Circle.

The more you can get in front of people, the more sales you’ll get. Let’s draw in your local foot traffic. You’ve got this!

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