Making Email Marketing Fun with Kate Doster | Episode 101

Show Notes:

If you’ve ever struggled with WHY you should send email or WHAT you should send – this episode is for you! 

Integrity filled email marketing is important now more than ever.
But – as a creative shop owner, it never feels easy or fun but it should be a critical consideration of your marketing plan. 

It’s so important to connect, serve and sell in a way that resonates and connects with your customers. My guest today is the incredible Kate Doster, who believes that sales will follow by having fun, treating people like people, and being genuinely helpful.
I’m a true fangirl of Kate!

As a retail shop owner, you may find it hard to find the time or wonder what content to share – or why you should even bother? But the stats don’t lie – customers are much more likely to purchase from you if they have CHOSEN to be on your email list. Even if you are on Instagram and Facebook – you NEED email.

Email Marketing is a mindset. It’s a simple, helpful conversation.

Kate really dives into how to give yourself permission to truly have fun with your email list and not get in your own way. There are no rules. We discuss strategies to grow your email list, topics to discuss besides discounts, how to batch content, and more!

“Just do the brave thing.” You’ve already done the brave thing and started your shop, now hit send on that email and share your inbox brightness with your people!


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A Quick Glance:

[0:25] Welcome Kate Doster

[1:00] Why is email so important?

[11:11] The email mindset

[17:30] Ideas to grow your email list

[29:05] Email “rules”. What’s true and what’s not?

[32:59] Ways to avoid being salesy

[35:52] Kate’s favorite quote

[37:20] Closing remarks & where to find Kate


About Kate:

Kate Doster is the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, creator of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs by wooing the hearts (and wallets) open of their small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and Easy Yes mini-offers.

She believes you don’t need to bleed the alphabet or be a dirty rotten spam face to write emails that jolt subscribers into taking action, gobbling up your paid offers like candy… or kale if that’s your thing.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Free Email Workshop | Inbox Besties Podcast | Free Email Templates


Resources mentioned:

Level Up Mastermind
Retailer’s Inner Circle


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