Listener’s Question: How Should We Greet Customers? | Episode 99

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It’s Ask Wendy day today!
One of the questions that I’m asked quite regularly is, “How do I greet customers?”
What should I say?

 What shouldn’t I say?  I share the “bad words” that most of us say!

This is such an important step in the customer relationship and helps them feel welcomed and stay loyal (and help us make more sales). This episode really breaks down what we should and could say to greet customers with the reasoning behind it.

  1. Make eye contact and welcome the customer – stop what you’re doing and acknowledge them to make them feel valued. Bonus points if you say “Welcome back!
  2. Build rapport and be attentive – Avoid sounding scripted. “What brings you in today?”, “Is this your first time in our shop?” Be approachable and genuine.
  3. Be conversational – choose a neutral topic. Compliment the customer. Customers are coming into your shop right now to escape reality. Make them feel good.

A warm smile, a genuine conversation, eye contact. They are all money-making greetings that in turn keep your customers loyal and happy. This is how we WIN at retail!

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A Quick Glance:

[0:04] Spring Refresh Challenge

[1:08] What NOT to say

[6:00] Build rapport

[10:05] Conversation

[13:44] Closing remarks and recap


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The Creative Shop Talk Podcast | Wendy Batten | Listener's Question: How Should We Greet Customers?
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